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r/randonauts - 16-point Attractor Chain (5/17/20) - Part 3
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The next is an element 3 of my journey report from the 16-point attractor chain I accomplished final Sunday. This is Half 1 and Half 2. Half 3 will cowl factors 9, 10, 11 and 12.

Earlier than producing my ninth attractor level, I reset my radius to 7000 meters. At this level within the journey, I did not essentially have an intention, apart from to go to as many attractor factors as attainable. The afternoon was starting to put on on and clouds steadily populated the sky, ultimately obscuring the Solar utterly. Fatum-bot had given me an attractor level behind some place referred to as Jowonio College; I’ve by no means heard of it earlier than and need to marvel how lengthy it has been there. I needed to cross city to get so far, and was reminded of 1 late evening in January after I went out Randonauting to a bunch of random factors – throughout that journey, I received some extent proper subsequent to a home I swore I had seen in a dream not lengthy previous to that. I drove previous that exact same neighborhood on the best way to the ninth level – therefore, why I used to be reminded of that evening. A pair minutes later, I arrived on the level: it was precisely in entrance of this large antenna, pictured beneath:

r/randonauts - 16-point Attractor Chain (5/17/20) - Part 3

Level #9

Since this was a fairly calm and quiet spot with nobody round, I sat parked for a second whereas I generated my tenth level. I modified my radius to 4000 meters and I received some extent fairly shortly, in a neighborhood close to Syracuse College the place all of the hipsters reside. I shortly headed that approach; as I drove there, extra recollections had been introduced up. Once I was just a little youthful, I used to exit and drive round very late at evening after I received out of labor. I would go and get McDonald’s fries, crank some tunes, drive round random areas, and ultimately head downtown to look at all of the drunk folks leaving the bars. That was about 6 years in the past… time actually flies. In any case, I drove into the hipster neighborhood – Westcott – and was saddened to see the entire closed companies. Once I ultimately arrived at my level, I used to be relatively shocked: the tenth attractor level was an abandoned-looking blue mansion. The place was completely huge. There was a pickup truck parked in entrance, so I figured there was doubtless somebody inside, fixing up the home. I took a really fast picture of the home (seen beneath) from via my automotive windshield. I had a sense of not being welcome there and being watched. I reset my radius to 5000 meters and generated an attractor level in a relatively curious location.

r/randonauts - 16-point Attractor Chain (5/17/20) - Part 3

Level #10

Again in the course of the occasions I had been reminiscing about whereas driving to the final level, in 2014, I used to be working as a janitor at evening whereas taking on-line school programs. One of many buildings I cleaned again after I very first began was a dialysis heart close to downtown. I’ve hardly thought of that place in years. Effectively, my eleventh attractor level was generated proper inside that constructing, precisely over the doorway I used to return and undergo. I used to be flooded with recollections as I pulled into the car parking zone and sat in entrance of the doorway. I did not need to take any pictures as a result of the spot is beneath video surveillance. All in all, I actually miss these days. To not get all nostalgic, however again within the days I had a number of the finest, happiest occasions of my life. Issues are nice now, positive; however currently I have been longing to return to the type of freedom I had again then. However these days and occasions are gone, there isn’t any going again – solely ahead.

For my twelfth attractor level within the chain, I ended up setting my radius to 8000 meters. I received a spot exactly in entrance of a Subaru dealership, close to the mall. I pulled into the dealership and parked straight in entrance of the constructing. I felt so misplaced – I drive a 2019 Mitsubishi, not a Subaru! It was a superficial feeling of being misplaced, nonetheless – who cares what sort of automotive you drive?

Tomorrow I’ll lastly conclude my report on this fashion too lengthy attractor chain. If you’re nonetheless right here studying this, bless you and comfortable Randonauting.

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