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John C. A. Manley

“COVID is certainly a lot worse than a nasty flu season,” says Dr. Allison McGeer, an infectious illness specialist at Toronto’s Mount Sinai Hospital, in an interview with the CBC.

McGeer cites authorities statistics (as of June 17) exhibiting a COVID mortality fee of twenty-two deaths per 100,000 Canadians.

By comparability, the demise fee for influenza in Canada on an annual foundation is normally between 9 and 13 deaths per 100,000 folks…”

Does this one statistic actually make COVID “unquestionably” worse than the flu?

Are usually not questions a basic a part of the scientific course of, whereby a concept is examined over the fires of inquiry?

Will not be the act of questioning on the coronary heart of true journalism?

Would you not agree that our means to query the choices, motives and actions of our authorities protects our democracy from descending into tyranny?

I‘m sorry Dr. McGeer, however I do have a number of crucial questions. Particularly contemplating what’s in danger.

Sir Wilfrid Laurier, our seventh Prime Minister, had a imaginative and prescient of Canada as a land of particular person liberty and decentralized federalism. “Canada is free and freedom is its nationality,” he most famously stated. “Nothing will stop me from persevering with my job of preserving in any respect price our civil liberty.”

At present, being the 153rd anniversary of Confederation, I wish to observe Laurier’s instance, exercising my freedom to query and my responsibility to protect our civil liberties.

Let’s begin with…

What’s the Precise An infection-to-Fatality Fee for COVID-19 in Canada?

Right here within the Nice White North, I’ve observed that the media is avoiding what could be an important statistic in terms of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Graphs, charts and lists slice the info up in so some ways: Instances by province, date of onset, variety of deaths, male versus feminine, previous versus younger, and so forth. However they don’t speak in regards to the infection-to-fatality fee — that’s the % of people that purchase COVID-19 and find yourself having that inevitable out-of-body expertise we name demise.

Contemplating all the intense measures they’ve taken to regulate the unfold of the illness (or, extra so, management law-abiding residents) shouldn’t they be letting us know the infection-to-fatality fee?

In any case, The World Well being Group had estimated that COVID-19’s “official” demise fee would hover round 3.4%. This statistic has been used to justify the lack of three million jobs in Canada and libraries being become meals banks.

Effectively, I made a decision to calculate the an infection/fatality fee for your entire nation, in addition to every particular person province and territory. I’m utilizing the official knowledge from The Public Well being Company of Canada as of June 23, 2020 (6 days after McGeer’s calculations):

As you may see we arrive at a 0.56% fee of demise for these contaminated with COVID. 0.56% is six instances lower than the WHO’s estimate of three.4%. However, a 0.56% infection-to-fatality fee, as Dr. McGeer’s says, could be “unquestionably a lot worse than a nasty flu season.” Round 5 instances as worse as a gentle flu season.

However wait! I’ve extra questions earlier than they end turning the true north sturdy and free right into a COVID-19(84) police state…

Why is COVID Six Occasions Deadlier in Ontario than in Manitoba?

Within the above desk, check out the infection-to-fatality column. You possibly can see that an individual contaminated with COVID is twice as prone to die in the event that they stay in Ontario (0.62%) or Quebec (0.65%) versus any individual dwelling in Nova Scotia (0.32%). And Canucks are twice as prone to die in Nova Scotia quite than in Alberta (0.16%).

Certainly, for those who remove Quebec and Ontario from the equation we arrive at dramatically totally different outcomes. An an infection/fatality fee of 0.17% and solely 3 deaths per 100,000 amongst the remaining 61% of Canadians.

Is COVID-19 then extra harmful than the flu? It doesn’t appear so for those who stay exterior of Ontario and Quebec.

“It’s unlikely that the identical virus is a lot extra innocent in Hamburg than in New York,” says Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, an internist and pulmonary doctor. “There have to be different causes for this.”

So why is COVID solely killing 0.18% of contaminated folks in British Columbia however 0.65% of Quebecers? Keep in mind, we’re how many individuals died who had been contaminated. This an infection/fatality is unaffected by how many individuals had been contaminated or how many individuals stay in a selected area. For this reason the an infection/fatality fee is nearly the identical for Ontario and Quebec, though Quebec lists 45 extra deaths per 100,000 folks.

Clearly, such discrepancies elevate numerous query about the true hazard of COVID-19 to Canadians. It additionally makes me ask…

Why are we Together with “Possible” Instances of COVID within the Official Figures?

What instantly stands out on the Public Well being Company of Canada’s web site is the footnote:

The overall quantity [of COVID cases] contains publicly reported confirmed and possible instances.”

If a major variety of these instances are “possible” ought to we not additionally think about the 0.56% demise fee as “possible” (at greatest) and never “unquestionable?”
Trying up the Nationwide surveillance case definitions for COVID-19, I discovered {that a} “possible” case appears to depart a lot to query: One might be added to the COVID record in the event that they endure the “onset of (or exacerbation of power) cough” coupled by collaborating “in a mass gathering recognized as a supply of publicity.” A Canadian can be branded a COVID case if she has a “fever (over 38 levels Celsius)” and “shut contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19.”

On the subject of “shut contact,” how shut are we speaking about? Not all that shut in appears: “…a single laboratory confirmed case of COVID-19 in a [long-term care home], in a resident or employees member would set off an outbreak and could be declared.” says the Ontario Ministry of Well being’s COVID-19 Outbreak Steering for Lengthy Time period Care Properties (LTCH).

In different phrases, if the upkeep man at a senior’s residence of 800 residents checks optimistic for COVID, all 800 residents would now meet the “shut contact” qualifier.

Ontario Well being’s Case Definition – Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) confirms this: Only a runny nostril and “being a affected person in the identical ward or facility throughout a nosocomial outbreak of COVID-19” will add Grandma to the COVID case depend. “Facility” may embrace long-tern care houses, the place a lot of the deaths have occurred.

Thus, you solely want one confirmed case of COVID and all of the residents in that nursing residence turn into “possible” instances as quickly as they present any of the broad record of COVID signs. A kind of COVID crimson flags features a “lower in blood strain” (a typical prevalence amongst aged utilizing blood strain reducing treatment).

So somebody might be completely freed from COVID however nonetheless be included within the whole of COVID instances. However after all, in the event that they do die, it could not be assumed that COVID was the reason for demise.

Or wouldn’t it?

What Type of Proof is Required to Confirm a COVID Affected person Truly Died from COVID?

Take into account that the Ontario Public Well being’s Each day Epidemiologic Abstract clearly states:

Any case marked ‘Deadly’ is included within the deaths knowledge. Deaths are included whether or not or not COVID-19 was decided to be a contributing or underlying reason behind demise…”

Mentioned one other manner: It doesn’t matter whether or not somebody died from most cancers, the flu, coronary heart illness, a ventilator, treatment, falling down the steps, a bullet to the pinnacle… So long as it’s was “possible” that that they had COVID, they are going to be added to the record of COVID deaths in Canada.

Take for instance the primary official COVID-19 demise in my Ontario city. The Beacon Herald headlined:

Giuseppe ‘Joe’ Vaianisi, 86, died at Greenwood Court docket [Retirement Home] in Stratford Saturday after testing optimistic for COVID-19 on April 3.”

Whereas Mr. Vaianis could have had COVID-19 it actually didn’t sound like he died from it: “He simply had a fever although, thank God,” his daughter stories. “He didn’t have any of the respiratory stuff and he didn’t appear to endure. He simply sort of received worse and worse, so far as he was asleep the final couple of days actually.”

I do know I’m no physician, however that doesn’t sound like Extreme Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-COV-2) to me. I’ve had pneumonia as soon as, and belief me, I suffered. This appears like an 86-year-old man dying peacefully in his sleep.

“They could have had COVID and that COVID they could have had, may need killed them. So simply mark them down as a COVID demise,” the rules appear to advise.

Does that not make you query whether or not COVID is “unquestionably a lot worse than a nasty flu season?”

It additionally makes me ask…

Why are We Merely Not Counting COVID Instances Who Died with Pneumonia?

I’m quite baffled why the federal government is counting on such broad and liberal lists of signs and circumstances to establish whether or not somebody has died from COVID-19. Reviewing the literature, it looks as if there is just one method to die type COVID-19 and it’s pretty straightforward to detect.

“By the tip of 2019, the World Well being Group (WHO) was knowledgeable about an outbreak of pneumonia of unknown etiology in Wuhan, China…” says an article within the journal of Mobile & Molecular Immunology. Initially referred to as “Wuhan pneumonia,” Chinese language scientists later renamed the virus “novel coronavirus-infected pneumonia (NCIP)” in line with the identical article.

Certainly, the unique identify for COVID encapsulated what the illness actually was: pneumonia attributable to a brand new coronavirus.

WebMD confirms this:

The sickness tied to the brand new coronavirus was initially referred to as novel coronavirus-infected pneumonia (NCIP). The World Well being Group renamed it COVID-19, which is brief for coronavirus illness 2019.”

Why was pneumonia faraway from the identify? Was it as a result of there have been different methods wherein COVID may kill?

WebMD states that COVID may also trigger “a situation referred to as acute respiratory misery syndrome (ARDS). This illness comes on rapidly and causes respiration issues.” However WebMD says this solely happens in individuals who have already got pneumonia.

Thus, pneumonia seems to be the one accepted means by which COVID can immediately kill its host. Zahid Butt, an assistant professor on the College of Waterloo defined to International Information:

As soon as the [corona]virus reaches the lungs, it causes irritation which leads to fluid accumulating within the lung and issue respiration. This fluid fills the lung’s air sacs… [then] blood oxygen ranges fall under regular, a situation referred to as pneumonia.”

This, after all, will result in oxygen-starved inside organs, which is why we see COVID sufferers placed on dialysis or requiring CPR.

“However when Covid pneumonia first strikes, sufferers don’t really feel wanting breath, whilst their oxygen ranges fall,” explains a New York emergency room physician in The New York Occasions. “And by the point they do, they’ve alarmingly low oxygen ranges and moderate-to-severe pneumonia (as seen on chest X-rays).”

How is that this any totally different than pneumonia derived from the flu? Certainly, Statistics Canada lists “Influenza and pneumonia” collectively because the sixth main reason behind demise in Canada in 2018 with 8,511 losses. Discover how they don’t merely record “influenza.”

So why are we not a particular “coronavirus and pneumonia” demise statistic quite than this catch-all “any sort of demise with possible coronavirus” statistic?

And, whereas with reference to pneumonia-derived from the flu — how many individuals who’ve died from COVID additionally had an influenza virus of their system? And in the event that they did, how do we all know that the flu, quite than the coronavirus, was not the reason for demise? Why is it assumed that the corona bug is responsible.

Certainly, the Nationwide surveillance case definitions for COVID-19 states that “COVID-19 could current as a co-infection with different pathogens.” Regardless, it goes on to say that medical doctors ought to nonetheless mark them down as a COVID case if there’s a excessive “index of suspicion.”

Moreover, why are we not being informed amongst these COVID sufferers with pneumonia whether or not their oxygen ranges dropped under 90%, thereby placing their lives in danger? “Covid pneumonia sufferers I noticed had oxygen saturations as little as 50 %,” says Richard Levitan, an emergency physician who served in New York.

Merely having pneumonia shouldn’t be proof that the pneumonia was deadly. Solely 259 of the primary 12,024 instances of “Wuhan pneumonia” died, in line with the journal Nature. Certainly, pneumonia instances have been reported to be so delicate that they aren’t even observed by the affected person. A Chinese language research revealed in The Lancet noticed: “COVID-19 pneumonia manifests with chest CT imaging abnormalities, even in asymptomatic sufferers…”

So what number of of those COVID deaths in Canada had been discovered to have pneumonia? And what number of of them had pneumonia extreme sufficient to trigger demise? Definitely not the aforementioned COVID demise in my metropolis whose daughter reported that he didn’t have any “respiratory stuff.”

The shortage of pneumonia statistics in Ontario and Quebec turns into much more questionable once we have a look at the province of Manitoba. Manitoba has a low 0.9% infection-to-fatality fee.

In accordance with a CBC article, Manitoba made a degree of making use of COVID testing to sufferers who had pneumonia previous to the official outbreak. They needed to see if these previous instances of pneumonia had been attributable to the coronavirus. This exhibits that Manitoba could also be utilizing the tighter definition of “death-by-pneumonia with the particular presence of coronavirus;” in contrast to Ontario with its a lot larger 0.62% fatality fee the place the “possible” presence of coronavirus alone is sufficient to be added to COVID demise record, no matter whether or not they had pneumonia or not.

So if pneumonia shouldn’t be the reason for all these COVID deaths would possibly I ask…

Did COVID or Cockroaches Kill The Residents of Exhausting-Hit Lengthy-Time period Care Properties in Ontario and Quebec?

Again in April, with so many seniors dying, the army was referred to as in to help Quebec and Ontario nursing houses. A month later the Canadian Armed Forces launched a 15-page report exposing worse-than-third-world circumstances in Ontario nursing houses. Right here’s a brief record:

  • An infestation of “ants and cockroaches plus unknown.”
  • “Important gross fecal contamination was famous in quite a few affected person rooms…”
  • “Practically a dozen incidents of bleeding fungal infections.”
  • Feeding tubes “not being modified in so lengthy the contents had turn into foul.”
  • “Excessive danger of dosing errors” with expired drugs.
  • Underfeeding.
  • “Mattress certain for a number of weeks.”
  • Unsterile provides.

I’ve compiled a listing of the 19 worst observations made by the army. If you happen to can abdomen it, you may learn the record right here.

In Quebec, the Canadian Armed Forces didn’t report such graphic and inhumane circumstances as witnessed in Ontario. Nonetheless, the circumstances in French Canada had been nonetheless removed from sufficient. The 60-page report states (as translated by the Globe and Mail):

  • “Prevention and management of the contamination didn’t observe the rules set by [the local health authority].”
  • “…the usage of PPE was a serious downside…”
  • “We observed many staff went lacking with out warning throughout their shifts.”
  • Employees that did stay had been: “overwhelmed, understaffed, exhausted, [not observing] disinfection protocols [which] had a direct influence on the hygiene of the residents.”
  • Residents had been discovered “transferring between zones [making] the an infection prevention extra difficult.”
  • At night time there was a scarcity of employees to alter incontinence diapers.

“In accordance with our observations, the scope of the disaster resulted in lots of good practices being ignored in order to take care of extra pressing issues,” the report concludes.

So now we have houses the place the rules declare all residents “possible” COVID sufferers and any deaths (whether or not from an contaminated feeding tube or cockroach infestation) as a COVID demise. All of the whereas, little is being executed to cease the unfold of COVID (and some other pathogen) in these amenities. Certainly, the COVID tips virtually serve to offer nursing residence blanket immunity from what would possibly in any other case warrant expenses of manslaughter.

As Rosemary Frei revealed in her well-referenced Off-Guardian article, long-term care residents are hardly ever transferred to a hospital setting and corpses are cremated inside 24 hours with out a autopsy investigation. As well as, due to lockdown, residents weren’t permitted household guests who may oversee their care. Looks as if a great way to cowl up the proof.

95% of COVID deaths in Canada have taken place in Ontario and Quebec. 76% of which have occurred in long-term care houses resembling these described above (full with rotting meals, compelled feedings and residents crying out for assist for over two hours).

How does this not make COVID appear to be a canopy story for euthanizing the aged?

How will we dare permit the sort of abuse of the disabled and cite it as proof that COVID-19 is “unquestionably” worse than the flu? It’s past me why anybody in Canada nonetheless took COVID statistics significantly after the army’s report.

“I’m a Canadian… Free to Oppose What I Consider Mistaken”

Whereas the CBC boldly proclaims: “COVID-19 is worse than a nasty flu season, regardless of on-line claims on the contrary” it has but to offer ample proof to help this declare, whereas seemingly unable to apply investigative journalism by asking robust (but apparent) questions like:

  1. If COVID-19 is so lethal why should we inflate the demise toll by together with “possible” instances?
  2. Why are we together with deaths “whether or not or not COVID-19 was decided to be a contributing or underlying trigger?”
  3. Why are we counting clear and legal neglect and abuse of seniors as deaths attributable to COVID?
  4. Why are we counting as a COVID demise the place extreme (or any) pneumonia was not reported?
  5. Are COVID numbers being inflated to guard the federal government’s repute after they’ve scared, harmed and violated the liberty of 37 million Canadians?
  6. Was there a monetary incentive to euthanize (below the guise of an incurable an infection) the aged? Probably to scale back authorities prices whereas eliminating a section of the inhabitants that produces no tax income?
  7. Have non-COVID deaths been attributed to COVID in order to justify extra surveillance and lockdowns; whereas promoting the general public on an costly, insufficiently examined and pointless coronavirus vaccine?

I’m sorry, Dr. McGeer, these of us who refuse to be informed what to suppose or query, don’t discover COVID “unquestionably a lot worse than a nasty flu season.”

As a substitute, I discover it questionable that our freedom, livelihood and well-being has been violated below the justification of such questionable knowledge.

Presently, when Canadians appear so prepared to give up their freedom to horrifying and belittling COVID propaganda, I believe we must always keep in mind the phrases of John Diefenbaker, our thirteenth prime minister:

I’m a Canadian, free to talk with out worry, free to worship in my very own manner, free to face for what I believe proper, free to oppose what I imagine flawed, or free to decide on those that shall govern my nation. This heritage of freedom I pledge to uphold for myself and all mankind.

John C. A. Manley has spent over a decade ghostwriting for medical medical doctors, in addition to naturopaths, chiropractors and Ayurvedic physicians. He publishes the COVID-19(84) Pink Capsule Each day Briefs – at emaild-based e-newsletter devoted to stopping the governments of the world from utilizing an exaggerated pandemic as an excuse to violate our freedom, well being, privateness, livelihood and humanity. He’s additionally writing a novella, COVID-27: A Dystopian Love Story. Go to his web site at: MuchAdoAboutCorona.ca

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