All Souls Day – Kingsblood IV – A Primer on Zombies – Undead Khal Drogo

All Souls Day - Kingsblood IV - A Primer on Zombies - Undead Khal Drogo
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This was speculated to be a Halloween submit, however sadly I forgot the spoilers tag, so now will probably be an “All Souls Day” submit, which could be very becoming, in reality!

Kingsblood IV – A Primer on Zombies – Undead Khal Drogo – The Bard’s Reality 7.1 covers zombies basically and Khal Drogo specifically. Put together for horror.

The assorted resurrected people in ASOIAF give us plenty of perception into what’s going to turn into of Jon Snow. Subsequent time we deal with Catelyn, Woman Stoneheart, Mom Cruel.


The essay:

So, I’ll do a fast Halloween submit right here, about some of the vital topics in A Tune of ice and Fireplace, the undead … zombies … err, actually, although, I wish to discuss resurrection in a extra common case. And there are lot’s of them lurking in each nook of Westeros and Essos in our story, They’re fascinating, too, as a result of in what The Fattest Leech of A Tune of Ices and Fireplace calls “Martinworld,” GRRM repeats themes however by no means precisely, all the time with a brand new flourish.

That sample isn’t any completely different withe GRRM’s zombies. It begins within the very first chapter, first with the useless wildlings presumably getting up and strolling away, and culminating with the wight-ing of Ser Waymar Royce. It units up the wights because the mannequin for zombies within the story, zombies managed by the others, the white walkers, an idea very harking back to the concepts GRRM wrote about in his corpse handler trilogy. The thriller of what the others and their undead wight slave military are as much as, and the place and when and the way they are going to strike, is actually some of the horrifying underpinnings of our story.

True to type, although, GRRM then goes on to create all types of different undead individuals for our story who don’t fairly match that prototype. I believe it’s price attempting to make a listing of them right here, although I’ll nearly actually fail miserably on this endeavor. Off the cuff:

  1. Khal Drogo

  2. Patchface

  3. Lord Beric Dondarrion

  4. The bodily our bodies of the timeless of Qarth

  5. Woman Stoneheart (Catelyn Tully)

  6. Ser Robert Robust (Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane)

  7. Coldhands

Then there are the presumably useless, or at the least practically useless and undeniably reworked individuals, stored alive by some type of magic:

  1. Melisandre

  2. Aeron “The Damphair” Greyjoy

  3. Moqorro

  4. Victarion Greyjoy

  5. Sandor Clegane

  6. Lord Bloodraven and the opposite Kids of the Forest (CotF) that Bran finds whereas exploring the cave whereas inside Hodor’s physique

As Hodor he explored the caves. He discovered chambers filled with bones, shafts that plunged deep into the earth, a spot the place the skeletons of gigantic bats hung the wrong way up from the ceiling. He even crossed the slender stone bridge that arched over the abyss and found extra passages and chambers on the far aspect. One was filled with singers, enthroned like Brynden in nests of weirwood roots that wove underneath and thru and round their our bodies. Most of them seemed useless to him, however as he crossed in entrance of them their eyes would open and comply with the sunshine of his torch, and considered one of them opened and closed a wrinkled mouth as if he had been attempting to talk. “Hodor,” Bran stated to him, and he felt the true Hodor stir down in his pit.
A Dance With Dragons – Bran III

We even have those that have suffered Greyscale, whom some, like Val, would describe as being useless:

  1. The Shrouded Lord

  2. Shireen Baratheon

  3. Jon Connington (and whoever he’ll infect subsequent)

What’s extra, now we have skinchangers residing their second lives inside beasts:

  1. Orell

  2. Varamyr Sixskins

  3. The CotF contained in the Ravens that Bran Skinchanges

  4. Roose Bolt-On (if you happen to subscribe to that idea)

The associated idea of skinchanging is much like the subject of telepathic thoughts management, featured in Fevre Dream, whereas the idea of a second life is considerably primarily based upon the concepts about soul switch, explored in Nightflyers and The Glass Flower. One associated closing class is the idea of collective consciousnesses, the place probably, the essences of many souls in our story come to relaxation on the finish of their mortal lives. These embody:

  1. The corrupt blue coronary heart of the timeless of Qarth

  2. The Weirwood community

  3. Possibly one thing related to the Faceless Males / Home of Black and White.

  4. Are there extra? In all probability … a few of the legends in Essos as mentioned in The World of Ice and Fireplace recommend it, anyway.

These collective consciousnesses are harking back to different collective consciousnesses that GRRM has written about in his previous works, such because the Greeshka in “A Tune for Lya,” the Fungus in “The Males of Greywater Station,” the Mudpots of “Guardians,” the Sandkings, of “Sandkings,” and no matter it’s that is occurring with the Jaenshi in “And Seven Occasions By no means Kill Man.”

In order that’s a fairly intensive listing, although actually not exhaustive. So why will we wish to discuss this? Why is it so vital? Effectively, George has recommended in interviews and different phrase of mouth accounts that a few of these resurrections are foreshadowing occasions to his most vital resurrection on this collection … that of Jon Snow.

Clearly, the subject of Jon’s impending e-book resurrection is likely one of the hottest topics on this fandom. My second ever submit on Reddit was about it, and it form holds up. You may learn it right here is you need, however I’d choose you retain studying / listening right here first:

Parallels between Jon Snow and Khal Drogo’s demise / therapeutic. [Spoilers Extended]

Now, my ideas about Jon Snow’s resurrection have developed since writing that, however these ideas are what this collection and my Direwolves of Winterfell collection are working as much as.

I imagine that every entry on that listing of undead can inform us a bit about what Jon is doing proper now, and about what he’ll turn into. It’s a part of my Kingsblood collection as a result of I believe that to be resurrected as an entire human being, to be largely your self and never only a senseless wight, it’s essential have “the present” as Varamyr calls it within the ADwD prologue. My interpretation is that Kingsblood and the present are the identical factor, magical energy in your blood that allows you to participate within the supernatural, whether or not or not it ever truly manifests throughout you mortal lifetime.

So, to begin, I wish to talk about 2 zombies specifically that I believe there’s ample proof that they possess Kingsblood: Khal Drogo “Aegon the Dragonlord Come Once more” and Catelyn Tully, “Woman Stoneheart,” “Mom Cruel,” “The Hangwoman.”

Now I’ve already coated a few of why I believe Drogo is outstanding, that I believe he has kingsblood, in earlier kingsblood episodes and in my Dany’s Dragon Bonds collection. I encourage you to look at these movies, however I’ll make a bit extra of the case right here. Whereas actually not restricted to this, there are 3 most important legs to the argument:

  1. Horsemanship, particularly that of Lyanna Stark, is integral to our tragic backstory, and I surmise that it’s how her skinchanging skill manifests itself. Drogo is none apart from essentially the most gifted horsemen ever among the many most gifted horselords on this planet. I believe the thought fairly logical that he had a skinchanging bond together with his pink stallion.

  2. Drogo appears intent on combining his distinctive genes with the Kingsblood of the final dragon-riding household of previous Valyria, to start the Stallion who Mounts the world. Viserys permits it, whereas proclaiming him “Aegon the Dragonlord come once more.”

  3. The way in which wherein Mirri Maaz Duur first kills his horse, the beast to which he’d be bonded if really a skinchanger, earlier than continuing on with a ritual that leaves him brain-dead, however with a residing physique. We’ll talk about this ritual extra now.

On this scene, the Dothraki describe MMD as a maegi, performing blood magic. Whereas they’re susceptible to hyperbole, I don’t assume the Dothraki improper right here.

However what’s “Blood Magic.” Effectively who actually is aware of, apart from the truth that blood and generally demise (solely demise will pay for all times) appear to be vital elements of it. Let’s attempt to perceive the mechanism of this specific blood magic with a little bit of enjoyable tinfoil. Think about that that the central side of the “Blood magic” is a switch, name it a spell, the “transfusion spell”. Sounds a bit scientific you say? Yeah, are you conscious that for many of his carer GRRM has been a SciFi author?

Mirri says “solely demise will pay for all times”, however I believe actually it’s simply blood that’s required for on the individual to be saved. The connection: The lack of blood normally ends in demise, particularly in a world with out precise fashionable drugs and the “magic” of blood transfusions.

Drogo was dying of an an infection, so within the eyes of recent drugs he actually wanted his blood cleaned of micro organism and their related toxins (much like dialysis). Let’s think about her plan was to empty a bunch of unhealthy blood (assume the leaching of Roose Bolton) then to switch it with wholesome blood. This actually wouldn’t be the horses blood, placing the horses blood into Drogo’s veins would kill him, (any physician would let you know that) though draining his blood most likely killed him anyway. Her magic can be to revive him with the blood from the babe.

The important thing level right here, no matter my tinfoil, is that when Drogo dies at this level, if issues had been left to nature, his soul would have entered his pink stallion, however it could’t as a result of Mirri killed it first. In doing so she doomed him to his first demise being his closing demise. When she introduced his physique again with blood magic, it was an empty vessel.

One final argument in favor of my tinfoil Now, the babe was described as having graveworms and being a monstrosity. Effectively, if she had siphoned off all it’s blood within the ritual, I’d assume that it could be a shriveled monstrosity, in any case.

So, in abstract right here’s the mechanism I suggest for Drogo’s demise and resurrection:

  1. Earlier than she did any blood magic, she allowed him to turn into mind useless.

  2. She wished this end result, her process by no means went awry.

  3. She purposefully killed his horse in order that he couldn’t “warg” into him for a second life.

  4. As soon as the horse was useless, his consciousness was trapped in his personal physique.

  5. She drained his blood sufficient to trigger the mind demise, his soul dissipated, with nowhere to go

  1. She then magic’ed sufficient blood into him to heal his physique, killing the babe.

-So, I do know you’re all going to say: “What’s this BS about transfusions and changing blood? That is magic! Crimson monks and maegi aren’t surgeons, they’re wizards!”

A: Effectively, I’m not attempting to denying magic right here, solely trying an evidence of the mechanism of the magic. GRRM has said many instances that he writes a few fantasy world that’s extra like actual life. Take for instance the interview the place he offers a tour of his home and tells the interviewer that his dragons don’t have fore-paws, so that they’re anatomically appropriate when in comparison with dinosaurs, reptiles, or birds discovered on earth. We all know that his writing employs telepathy and telekinesis extensively, however I believe he tries to be as constant as attainable as nicely with nature in his magic. I’m not going to elucidate this a lot additional, however in a nutshell, he helps E=mc2. The blood to avoid wasting Drogo’s physique wasn’t conjured out of skinny air as a result of that might take an incredible quantity of power; it was moved from place to position; it got here from someplace; it was not conjured from nothing. The magic is in the way it was transported to the place it was wanted.

Secondly, I liken the therapeutic to be extra like actual drugs due to Mirri’s affiliation with Marwyn. Mirri studied underneath Marwyn as did who else? Qybyrn! Qybyrn, who was kicked out of the citadel for opening the our bodies of residing males to review the mysteries of life. One would possibly name what he did “surgical procedure” (although additionally not with the intent to heal that particular topic, clearly). Definitely, Marwyn, being the free thinker that he’s, would have discovered from Qybyrn’s experimentation, and why would he not share no matter therapeutic data he gleaned from it with future pupils. It’s additionally attainable that he secretly continued the research of residing flesh behind closed doorways. Both means, I believe the affiliation with Marwyn means that MMD has sturdy data of human anatomy and physiology to go together with her different therapeutic arts and any magic discovered in Asshai.


Sooo… That’s it for the zombie Drogo, whose essence was now not there inside his empty vessel of a physique when MMD was completed with him. Subsequent we deal with Cat, however this episode is already too lengthy, so we’ll have to attend for that for subsequent time!

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