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When a Medicare affected person wants dialysis, a clinic
that’s licensed to supply dwelling coaching and assist
can invoice Medicare for a sure variety of coaching periods, relying on the modality:

  • For CAPD, Medicare permits as much as 15 coaching periods primarily based on 5–6 periods per week with every session lasting as much as 8 hours.
  • For CCPD, Medicare permits as much as 15 coaching periods primarily based on as much as 5 exchanges per day 5–6 days per week.
  • For dwelling hemodialysis, Medicare routinely pays for as much as 2 months of coaching primarily based on 5-hour coaching periods 3 instances per week.

After the preliminary coaching is over, adjustments within the dwelling dialysis affected person’s circumstances might require retraining. If extra coaching periods are wanted, there have to be
medical justification
for Medicare to pay for them.

When Medicare
pay for retraining

Medicare can pay for dwelling dialysis retraining if—regardless of the affected person’s change in circumstances—dwelling dialysis continues to be an acceptable remedy for the affected person, and
in these circumstances:

  • The affected person adjustments to a
    completely different
    dwelling modality
  • The house dialysis
  • The
    the place the house dialysis happens adjustments
  • The dialysis
  • The affected person has a
    change in medical standing
    that may not hold her or him from doing dwelling dialysis—however would require extra coaching (examples within the Medicare Claims Processing Guide embrace reminiscence loss attributable to stroke, and bodily impairment)

For extra info, see Chapter 8, §50.8 within the

When Medicare
pay for retraining

Medicare considers some providers to be “retraining” and others to be anticipated dwelling dialysis “assist providers.” For instance, if a PD affected person develops peritonitis, the house coaching nurse might watch the affected person carry out PD connections/disconnections and catheter care utilizing correct aseptic approach. Medicare considers this a house dialysis “assist service”—
retraining. Different examples of dwelling dialysis assist providers could be discovered underneath Chapter 11, §50.6 of the

invoice Medicare for retraining

The billing codes a clinic ought to use for retraining are the
codes as for coaching. Underneath the PPS, the reimbursement for a retraining day is the ability’s base price (unadjusted quantity is $234.45 in 2012) plus the coaching price per day ($33.44 wage adjusted). If a affected person adjustments remedy from hemodialysis to CCPD and requires 2 days of retraining on the PD cycler, the ability might invoice for two days of retraining and may invoice the PD day by day price for the opposite 5 days that week. Bear in mind, the day by day price for PD is the weekly price divided by 7 [($234.45 x 3) ÷ 7 = $100.48].

2 PD coaching days [($234.45 + $33.44) x 2] $535.78
5 PD day by day price days ($100.48 x 5) $502.40
1 Week with 5 PD day by day price days plus 2 coaching days $1038.18

How a lot a clinic can invoice for retraining

Medicare pays the identical price for retraining because it does for coaching. Simply as in billing for coaching,
There are lots of sources to clarify the brand new

For clinics which are billing fully underneath the Potential Fee System (PPS, or “the bundle”)

The clinic ought to invoice Medicare its typical hemodialysis price plus the coaching add-on ($33.44 which is wage adjusted) if the affected person wants retraining after the primary 4 months of dialysis. When the Medicare beneficiary is eligible for the “onset of dialysis” adjustment, there isn’t any adjustment for coaching or comorbidity. Medicare administrative contractors (MACs)/legacy fiscal intermediaries (FIs) are imagined to mechanically modify the ability’s PPS price for any remedy days inside 120 days of the affected person’s first dialysis (as reported on the CMS 2728) that the affected person has Medicare. The adjustment is 151% of the Medicare allowed reimbursement for that affected person. The adjustment is just utilized the primary time a affected person requires dialysis. It’s not utilized when a affected person resumes dialysis after a failed transplant.

Joe begins dialysis on
He doesn’t have Medicare at the moment, however qualifies for it attributable to ESRD, not for another motive:

  • If Joe indicators up for Medicare and chooses in-center dialysis, his Medicare can begin
    The clinic will get the onset of dialysis adjustment beginning on March 1. Since December 15–February 28 was 75 days, the ability will solely obtain the onset adjustment for 45 days. If Joe decides later to coach for dwelling dialysis, the ability can obtain the coaching charge for these days, and if he later wants retraining, the ability can obtain cost for retraining at the moment.
  • If Joe indicators up for Medicare and begins a house coaching program for PD or dwelling HD
    earlier than
    March 1,
    Joe’s Medicare shall be backdated to December 1
    (the primary day of the month dialysis began). His clinic can obtain the onset of dialysis adjustment for
    all 120 days
    beginning December 15, the primary day of his dialysis. Whereas receiving the onset of dialysis adjustment, his facility can not invoice for coaching or retraining.

For clinics transitioning with a blended cost of the composite cost system and PPS

Beginning January 1, 2011, if a facility selected to transition into the PPS, the cost for retraining is underneath the composite price plus the coaching price of $20 for dwelling hemodialysis or CCPD and $15 for CAPD.

Doctor billing for retraining

invoice for coaching and retraining. The doctor can invoice $500 when a affected person completes dwelling coaching. If the affected person doesn’t full coaching, the doctor can invoice $20 per coaching session as much as $500. Listed here are the codes for doctor billing for dwelling dialysis coaching.

2012 CPT Code Lengthy Descriptor
90989 Dialysis coaching, full (invoice with amount 1; $500 allowed)
90993 Dialysis coaching, incomplete (enter # of periods accomplished for amount; primarily based on 25 periods at $20/session for $500)
90993 Retraining (for a special machine, completely different dialysis modality, change in setting, or change in dialysis companion; $20/session)

For doctor reimbursement for coaching and retraining, see Chapter 8, §150 of the

The Renal Physicians Affiliation offers
coding and billing seminars
to assist physicians invoice appropriately.

Key Factors

  • Medicare could be backdated if a brand new dialysis affected person chooses to coach for dwelling dialysis
  • A dialysis clinic is reimbursed extra underneath the brand new onset of dialysis adjustment for all 120 days if a brand new dialysis affected person has Unique Medicare that entire time.
  • Though the dialysis clinic can not invoice Medicare for coaching or retraining days through the first 120 days of dialysis, the brand new onset of dialysis adjustment offsets the price of coaching greater than the coaching/retraining price.
  • Residence coaching that doesn’t meet standards for retraining is taken into account assist providers, and isn’t individually billable.
  • Medicare will reimburse physicians for coaching and retraining days.
  • Medicare manuals, the CMS Website, and the Renal Physicians Affiliation are sources that will help you invoice appropriately.

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