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SPECTRUM manufacture
vast ranges of scientific merchandise together with heating and management
equipments, homogenizers, rotators, shakers, stirrers, vortexers,
and so forth.


Spectra/Chrom® CF1 Fraction Collector
CF-1 Fraction Collector might be operated as a easy
fraction collector, the place every fraction is identical
dimension and the fraction dimension is ready by way of time,
drops, or exterior occasions (like counts from a pump).
A easy command entered from the membrane keypad permits
the inner peak detector. This lets you acquire
solely these peaks of curiosity from the chromatogram and
to discard the remaining.

  • Collects as much as 174 fractions
  • Chilly-room suitable
  • Tube sizes from 10 to twenty-eight mm diameter
  • Constructed-in peak separator
  • Consists of drop counter
  • 10 time home windows
  • May be managed remotely
  • CE Licensed
  • Acquire from 4 columns concurrently

Spectra/Chrom® UV Monitor
The Spectra/Chrom Mannequin 280 UV Monitor is the best
detector for each LC and HPLC.

  • 10 Minute warm-up
  • Digital output show
  • Chilly-Room Appropriate
  • Consists of each 254 and 280 nm filters
  • Twin flowpath for baseline compensation
  • Consists of 5 mm twin flowpath flowcell
  • CE Licensed
Stability Most drift
0.0005 AU per hour
after 30 minute warm-up
Absorbance Ranges
0.01, 0.02, 0.05,
0.1, 0.2, 0.5, and 1.0
Absorbance Items
Linearity Max. error 1.5%
of full scale at 254 nm
Noise Lower than 0.003
-5 to +40°C,
Weight 2 lb (1 kg)
11 x 23 x 14


CF-1 Fraction Collector

UV Monitor

Fundamental System

Spectra/Por® Biotech RC Dialysis Membranes

  • Regenerated Cellulose (RC) Dialysis Membrane Tubing
  • Extremely excessive purity
  • No particular precleaning required
  • Exact MWCO

Spectra/Por® Biotech CE Dialysis Membranes

  • An Extremely Excessive Purity and Exact Separation Dialysis
  • 14 exact MWCO’s starting from 100 to 1 million
  • Hydrophilic and uniform pore dimension dialysis membrane
  • No particular chemical precleaning require

Spectra/Por® Biotech Dialysis Membranes Polyvinylidene
Difluoride (PVDF)

  • Excessive natural solvent resistance
  • Provided moist in 0.1% sodium azide preservative

Spectra/Por® Normal (1-7) Regenerated Cellulose
(RC) Dialysis Membranes

  • This sequence of membranes are composed of cellulose
    regenerated from cotton linters. Spectra/Por Regenerated
    Cellulose membranes carry no mounted cost and don’t
    take in most solutes. The usual RC dialysis membranes
    are used for normal laboratory dialysis features,
    i.e. desalting, buffer trade, or molecular separation.
    Spectra/Por 1 by 6 additionally comprise small quantities
    of impurities that are simply eliminated by washing.
    It’s suggested to scrub the membrane in Spectra/Por
    Heavy Metals Cleansing Resolution and/or Spectra/Por
    Sulfide Elimination Resolution when the fabric to be dialyzed
    is delicate to those contaminants


  Spectra/Por1 Spectra/Por2 Spectra/Por3 Spectra/Por4 Spectra/Por5 Spectra/Por6 Spectra/Por7
MWCO (kD) 6-8 12-14 3.5 12-14 12-14 1, 2, 3.5, 8, 10, 15,
25, 50
1, 2, 3.5, 8, 10, 15,
25, 50
Bodily properties Clear, Versatile Clear, Versatile Clear, Versatile Clear, Versatile Thick, Inflexible Clear, Versatile Clear, Versatile
Packaging Dry Dry Dry Dry Dry Moist Moist
Preservative Glycerin Glycerin Glycerin Glycerin Glycerin 1% hydrogen peroxide 1% hydrogen peroxide
Hint Elememts Contents Heavy Metals, Sulfides Heavy Metals, Sulfides Heavy Metals, Sulfides Heavy Metals, Sulfides Heavy Metals, Sulfides Heavy Metals, Sulfides Minimal
Flat width vary (mm) 10 to 120 8 to 120 18 to 54 10 to 75 65 to 140 6 to 54 6 to 54
Pattern quantity vary
1 to 1000 1 to 1000 2 to 200 1 to 300 25 to 1200 1 to 150 1 to 150
Disc/Flat Sheet Sure Sure Sure Sure Sure No No


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