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Dialysis Access | University of Miami Health System
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When you have renal vascular illness or one other situation that has induced your kidneys to fail, you will have to bear dialysis if you are ready on a kidney transplant. The dialysis entry is the purpose in your physique the place the dialysis course of can entry your blood vessels and blood.

In hemodialysis, a machine cleans and filters your blood to carry out the traditional operate of your kidneys. Your vascular surgeon could suggest one of many following dialysis entry varieties for hemodialysis:

  • Tunneled catheter. This can be a non permanent entry level in your neck.
  • Arteriovenous (AV) fistula. This includes stitching collectively considered one of your veins and considered one of your arteries.
  • Arteriovenous (AV) graft. This includes putting a tube between considered one of your veins and considered one of your arteries.

One other sort of dialysis – known as peritoneal dialysis – makes use of the liner of your stomach (peritoneum) to carry out the traditional work of your kidneys and filter your blood.


The kidneys are very important organs within the physique that clear and filter your blood. Whereas your physique can operate pretty effectively with using just one kidney, you can’t survive if each your kidneys fail. On this case, you will have to bear dialysis till you obtain a kidney transplant.

What to Anticipate

Tunneled Catheter
On this process to arrange for hemodialysis, your vascular surgeon locations an extended, skinny tube (catheter) in your neck. That is the place the dialysis entry level might be, and it ought to be accessible for dialysis quickly after the tunneled catheter placement. As a result of the danger of an infection is excessive, a tunneled catheter is just used on a short lived foundation.

AV Fistula
On this process to arrange for hemodialysis, your vascular surgeon removes a bit of a vein out of your arm or leg and sews it into a close-by artery. In doing so, the vein turns into bigger and thicker, like an artery, and may function the dialysis entry level. An AV fistula is usually thought-about to be the best choice for dialysis entry as a result of its low threat of an infection. An AV fistula must heal for 2 or three months earlier than you possibly can bear hemodialysis.

AV Graft
In case your vascular surgeon thinks your veins are too small to bear an AV fistula efficiently, an AV graft will be the subsequent possibility to arrange for hemodialysis. This process includes your vascular surgeon stitching a prosthetic graft (tube) between an artery and a vein in your arm or leg. An AV graft must heal for not less than 4 weeks earlier than you possibly can bear hemodialysis.

Peritoneal Dialysis Entry
If it is advisable to bear peritoneal dialysis, your vascular surgeon locations a small tube (cannula) in your stomach, which gives entry for the liner of your stomach (peritoneum) to carry out the work of your kidneys and filter your blood. Such a dialysis could be conveniently carried out at house, however there’s a increased threat of an infection than in hemodialysis.

Vascular Entry
Chances are you’ll want a vascular entry level in case you are receiving long-term care like chemotherapy, dialysis or IV diet. Earlier than your vascular entry process, you’re going to get just a few blood exams to make sure your kidneys work effectively and your blood clots usually. Relying on the placement of your vascular entry, your surgeon could carry out the process proper in your hospital room (similar to for arm entry) or you could have to go to the catheterization lab so that you physician can use X-ray imaging.

Why Select UHealth?

Modern imaging care in South Florida. Our docs are additionally researchers discovering new methods to enhance prognosis and remedy. Meaning you will get a few of right now’s most promising developments via medical trials. You profit from the newest developments which can be fast-tracked from the lab to the bedside.

Superior, hard-to-find procedures. Our docs are dedicated to caring for each affected person. That’s why they provide the newest remedies, together with limb salvage, endovascular grafting and thoracic outlet decompression, to enhance your blood move. 

All of the care you want, from one doctor. Our vascular surgeons carry out a variety of procedures so you possibly can have the identical doctor for any vascular care you want as your situation adjustments. Whether or not you want a stent changed or a vein grafted, you possibly can all the time flip to the physician you belief.

Skilled docs, dependable outcomes. UHealth vascular surgeons carry out a whole lot of stent placements, angiograms and extra yearly. You may depend on their expertise that will help you keep away from problems and have a optimistic final result.

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