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Dialysis Fistula – Kidneypedia
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With a purpose to begin hemodialysis, you will want what is known as an “entry” to be able to pull out your blood to be filtered. There are a lot of varieties of hemodialysis entry. This text will concentrate on the AV Fistula, which stands for Arteriovenous Fistula.

An AV Fistula is the connection of a vein and an artery in your arm to be able to permit the blood out of your physique to be pulled out into the dialysis machine and put again in on the identical place. Your nephrologist (kidney physician) could suggest you get an AV Fistula if he/she anticipates that you will want to begin hemodialysis quickly, or you probably have not too long ago began hemodialysis.

Why Is the AV Fistula Used?

There are a lot of varieties of hemodialysis entry that can be utilized to provide an individual dialysis. The AV Fistula is the popular methodology to carry out dialysis. Your personal veins and arteries are getting used to create entry, so it’s the least dangerous and most lasting kind of entry. By connecting an artery and a vein collectively, it creates a big area for blood to circulation. Your dialysis nurse will then use two needles: one to attract blood out of your entry, and the opposite to place the clear blood again in. It’s obligatory since you can’t take blood in whereas getting blood out from simply an artery or a vein. By connecting an artery and a vein collectively, it creates a bigger area the place the blood can each enter and exit.


Your nephrologist will begin by assessing whether or not or not you want an AV Fistula. You’ll most likely want an AV Fistula if you want to be on dialysis for an extended time frame. In case you are solely going to be on dialysis brief time period, you possible is not going to want an AV Fistula, and can most likely get a unique type of entry. It is usually necessary that your veins and arteries are robust sufficient for the process. You’ll bear a “venous mapping” process beforehand to ensure that the surgeon to search out an space that’s excellent for the AV Fistula. He/She may even resolve whether or not or not your veins and arteries are robust sufficient to get an AV Fistula. If they aren’t, your surgeon and nephrologist must contemplate inserting a unique hemodialysis entry resembling an AV Graft, a VasCath, or a PermCath.

Surgical procedure

Having an AV Fistula positioned is not main surgical procedure. It could normally be completed pretty rapidly, and normally is scheduled as an outpatient process except you’re within the hospital for one more cause. Many instances a nephrologist will schedule this surgical procedure many months earlier than he anticipates you will want to go on everlasting hemodialysis. It is because an AV Fistula takes a number of months to “mature” and be prepared to be used. In case you are already on hemodialysis, you will want one other type of entry till your AV Fistula matures.


It is very important correctly care in your entry as soon as it’s positioned. Your nurse must know which arm you’ve gotten dialysis entry in any time you get any kind of care. She is going to possible hearken to your AV Fistula to verify it’s working correctly. In case you are within the hospital for one more cause, be sure to don’t get an IV or a needle stick on this arm for any cause. You must also be sure any blood stress cuff is used on the opposite arm. It’s worthwhile to be sure these items are completed in your different arm to maintain your AV Fistula intact. Make certain your entry is stored clear earlier than and after dialysis remedies. Attempt to not put stress on this arm by sleeping on it, lifting heavy gadgets, carrying tight garments, or carrying heavy jewellery.

You must also concentrate on the place your nurse is accessing your AV Fistula every dialysis session. Often your nurse will attempt to begin on the backside of your entry and regularly transfer up every time so that you don’t develop quite a lot of scar tissue in a single spot. Finally you could even be capable of poke your self to realize entry to your AV Fistula if you want to be able to be sure this course of is completed appropriately.

An infection

One of many principal causes an AV Fistula is the popular route of hemodialysis remedies is the decreased danger of an infection. There may be at all times a danger of an infection when getting surgical procedure of any type, however it is rather low in comparison with the chance of constant to do hemodialysis by means of one other entry. The AV Fistula truly has the lowest danger of an infection for performing hemodialysis. As soon as your AV Fistula is matured, you’ll possible have much less infections and can possible be capable of get hemodialysis remedies drawback free for a few years.


There are some dangers related to having an AV Fistula that are widespread to dialysis accesses generally. There may be the danger of it clotting or getting an an infection. In case your entry clots, you’ll possible must go to the hospital and get one other type of entry quickly to obtain dialysis till you will get your entry declotted. That is one other surgical process that’s carried out. It normally doesn’t take very lengthy and your AV Fistula can be utilized once more straight away. In case your surgeon is unsuccessful in declotting your AV Fistula, you will want to get one other AV Fistula created or one other type of entry. If it will get contaminated, you will want to enter the hospital to get antibiotics till the an infection clears.

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