Dialysis – peritoneal: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia

Dialysis - peritoneal: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia
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Your kidneys’ fundamental job is to take away toxins and additional fluid out of your blood. If waste merchandise construct up in your physique, it may be harmful and even trigger dying.

Kidney dialysis (peritoneal dialysis and different forms of dialysis) does a few of the job of the kidneys after they cease working properly. This course of:

  • Removes further salt, water, and waste merchandise so they don’t construct up in your physique
  • Retains secure ranges of minerals and nutritional vitamins in your physique
  • Helps management blood stress
  • Helps produce crimson blood cells


Peritoneal dialysis (PD) removes waste and additional fluid via the blood vessels that line the partitions of your stomach. A membrane known as the peritoneum covers the partitions of your stomach.

PD includes placing a comfortable, hole tube (catheter) into your belly cavity and filling it with a cleaning fluid (dialysis resolution). The answer comprises a sort of sugar that pulls out waste and additional fluid. The waste and fluid passes out of your blood vessels via the peritoneum and into the answer. After a set period of time, the answer and waste is drained and thrown away.

The method of filling and draining your stomach is named an trade. The size of time the cleaning fluid stays in your physique is named the dwell time. The variety of exchanges and quantity of dwell time relies on the strategy of PD you employ and different elements.

Your physician will carry out surgical procedure to position the catheter in your stomach the place it’ll keep. It’s most frequently close to your stomach button.

PD could also be a superb possibility if you’d like extra independence and are capable of study to deal with your self. You’ll have lots to study and should be accountable for your care. You and your caregivers should discover ways to:

  • Carry out PD as prescribed
  • Use the tools
  • Purchase and preserve observe of provides
  • Stop an infection

With PD, it will be significant to not skip exchanges. Doing so might be harmful to your well being.

Some individuals really feel extra comfy having a well being care supplier deal with their remedy. You and your supplier can determine what’s finest for you.


PD provides you extra flexibility since you don’t have to go to a dialysis heart. You may have therapies:

  • At house
  • At work
  • Whereas touring

There are 2 forms of PD:

  • Steady ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD). For this technique, you fill your stomach with fluid, then go about your every day routine till it’s time to drain the fluid. You aren’t hooked as much as something throughout the dwell interval, and you do not want a machine. You employ gravity to empty the fluid. The dwell time is often about 4 to six hours, and you will have 3 to 4 exchanges every day. You’ll have an extended dwell time at evening whilst you sleep.
  • Steady biking peritoneal dialysis (CCPD). With CCPD, you might be related to a machine that cycles via 3 to five exchanges at evening whilst you sleep. You have to be connected to the machine for 10 to 12 hours throughout this time. Within the morning, you start an trade with a dwell time that lasts all day lengthy. This enables you extra time throughout the day with out having to do exchanges.

The tactic you employ relies on your:

  • Preferences
  • Life-style
  • Medical situation

You too can use some mixture of the 2 strategies. Your supplier will assist you discover the strategy that works finest for you.

Your supplier will monitor you to verify the exchanges are eradicating sufficient waste merchandise. Additionally, you will be examined to see how a lot sugar your physique absorbs from the cleaning fluid. Relying on the outcomes, you might have to make sure changes:

  • To do extra exchanges per day
  • To make use of extra cleaning fluid at every trade
  • To lower the dwell time so that you take in much less sugar


Kidney failure is the final stage of long-term (persistent) kidney illness. That is when your kidneys can now not help your physique’s wants. Your physician will focus on dialysis with you earlier than you want it. Usually, you’ll go on dialysis when you could have solely 10% to fifteen% of your kidney perform left.

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