Expertise: 22mg 2C-B (oral) / 100ug 1P-LSD (sublingual) – My first time tripping alone (2 days in a row)

Experience: 22mg 2C-B (oral) / 100ug 1P-LSD (sublingual) - My first time tripping alone (2 days in a row)
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Expertise reviews – 2C-B, 1P-LSD and Lorazepam

  • Date: September 2016
  • Gender: Male
  • Peak: 175 cm / 5.8 ft
  • Weight: 77 kg / ~170 lbs
  • Age: 21



I’ve had many experiences with numerous substances (e.g. MDMA, 2C-B, AL-LAD, 1P-LSD, LSD, Psilocybin, Ketamine, Dextromethorphan) however by no means have I ever taken a psychedelic with no trip-sitter. On the time of this report I had tripped on 2C-B (round 5 instances) and twice on 1P-LSD (solely with 50ug). My roommates left for a trip so I had the residence for the weekend and I had the nice thought to journey.
Setting: It was my first time tripping alone so I used to be fairly excited and barely nervous.
Set: in my residence

1st Journey (Saturday)

Image of the Alien Cabinet

I ingested two, blue 2C-B tablets lab-tested at 9.75 mg and 12.10 mg

I began to really feel the results kick in. My pupils dilated and my fingers began getting clammy.

This was when the results began to get actually obvious. The bodyload was getting extra intense, the colours began to brighten up and I had tracers at any time when I rapidly checked out one thing. I used to be very clear-headed and stimulated at that time so I listened to some Ambient music. The music sounded improbable and synergized very nicely with my ideas and visuals.

I then walked round within the residence and thru the opposite rooms which was actually attention-grabbing. One in every of my roommates has an enormous, wood cabinet that had a couple of brown spots on it which seemed like aliens to me!! I used to be slightly bit terrified as a result of I had by no means acknowledged these alien faces earlier than although I had seen the cabinet a number of instances. Fortunately, I used to be rational and lucid sufficient to know that the drug was making me see these faces and its really no massive deal. After that, I went to my mattress and checked out all the attractive visuals twist and twirl.

I feel this was the height of the expertise and I keep in mind being very euphoric and happy with the expertise, primarily as a result of my first time tripping alone was actually cool so far and all my worries that one thing might go unsuitable disappeared. 2C-B is a really beautiful psychedelic and was superior for my first time alone however someway I actually wished to go deeper. As I used to be laying in my mattress I began to fantasize about how I wished to hook up with greater aliens and how one can discover the unknown. I used to be eager about smoking DMT (as a result of I had some mendacity round) however I knew that this was in all probability a silly thought as a result of I’ve by no means smoked it earlier than and I didnt even know how one can do it. Then I believed concerning the 1P-LSD I had acquired a few months earlier and determined that I used to be going to journey once more tomorrow. I used to be firmly satisfied that I wanted to journey and that there was one thing for me to be taught.

The 2C-B comedown was very pleasing as a result of the results light very gently and the after results have been fairly soothing. I used to be actually excited for the subsequent day and had no drawback falling asleep that night time.

Day after and 2nd Journey (Sunday)

I awakened with a minor headache and a dry mouth as a result of I did not drink a lot the day earlier than however aside from that I felt nice. I used to be slightly skeptical in direction of the concept of dropping the 1P-LSD as a result of I didnt actually assume by way of what might occur. I used to be getting anxious and began to doubt that this was a good suggestion.

After a few minutes of uncertainty I stated fuck it and put the tab of 1P-LSD underneath my tongue.

I felt that one thing was totally different however did not precisely know what.

The visuals began to get actually intense and my imaginative and prescient was blurry. I noticed wonderful patterns on my wall and all the pieces was shifting and warping round. I instantly observed that I used to be pondering loads faster and much more than with the 2C-B and that I used to be having intricate and complicated thought processes. I felt very serene and at peace and I made a decision to placed on some 60’s music (Creedence Clearwater Revival, Buffalo Springfield and many others.) to let the 1P take me wherever it wished to. I used to be making an attempt to accustom and to give up to the psychedelic expertise.

After 3 hours the 1P-LSD took full impact and I used to be actually having fun with it. Generally I began to overlook what our regular actuality and the which means of time was however I might consolation myself by telling me that all the pieces’s gonna be okay and that I will likely be regular once more in a couple of hours. I used to be in a really child-like state and that i felt this robust feeling of belief and tranquility. This sense of self-trust endured for the entire journey and distracted me from darkish ideas and sinister vibes. As I used to be laying in my mattress with closed-eyes I had vivid hallucinations of colourful patterns that have been going with the circulate of the music just like the 2C-B I had the day earlier than. Meditation strongly intensified my journey and I had a brief time period (round 3 minutes) the place my ego dissolved fully and I felt like I used to be one with all the pieces. There was a beam of sunshine popping out of my head and connecting with a spinning, golden plate (wanting like a UFO type of) that kidnapped my mind, all my recollections and information. It wasn’t scary or something as a result of it simply felt proper, it felt so cozy and comfy that I had no drawback letting go. I used to be fully happy with my recollections dying and my mind being empty as a result of this sense of trusting myself was very robust. As I used to be letting go I felt the largest euphoria in my total life (not even a excessive dose of MDMA got here near this beutiful feeling) ! I used to be extraordinarily happy with myself and the sensation of purifying my soul and my mind was extraordinarily pleasurable. The euphoria from 1P-LSD felt very pure and actual wheras the MDMA euphoria feels type of artificial and slightly bit pretend to me (in all probability as a result of I am used to the results). The time was distorted closely as a result of the height appeared like an eternity.

This was the second when the height subsided and after I knew that I had achieved what I wished and that I received all the pieces out of this journey. The journey was nonetheless fairly robust and I made a decision to get one thing to eat and drink regardless of having no urge for food. Consuming felt very bizarre and I had a tough time swallowing the meals. Everytime I swallowed one thing I used to be capable of really feel it going by way of my physique till it landed in my abdomen. This was type of disagreeable so I finished and returned to mattress the place I checked out trippy google photographs. This sense of “YOU TRUSTED YOURSELF AND WERE NOT DISAPPOINTED” was actually satisfing and felt prefer it was lengthy overdue.

I dont precisely know why however on the 06:30 mark I made a decision that I wished to finish this journey. Not as a result of I used to be scared or something however it appeared like I had all the pieces I wished, in order that’s why I took half of a 2.5 mg Temesta (Lorazepam) pill.

Results began to get slightly bit suppressed and my thought processes slowed down.

The benzo labored however it wasn’t robust sufficient to suppress the 1P-LSD headspace completely. I considered what had occurred and the way this weekend was among the finest I’ve ever had. I proceeded listening to some music, watched a film and took a bathe.

My journey ended right here and I went to mattress. I had no hassle sleeping, in all probability due to the Lorazepam.

2nd Day after

I awakened feeling like a brand new particular person! The sensation of self-trust was nonetheless strongly current and it truthfully felt like I used to be reborn as a greater particular person. I had no signal of a hangover in any respect however I felt extra emotional and extra susceptible (in all probability 1P-LSD after results).


It was an amazing weekend and I had two of probably the most significant journeys ever. The 2C-B on saturday wasn’t almost as insightful because the 1P-LSD on sunday but when I hadn’t tripped on the 2C-B I would prbably by no means tripped on the 1P. These journeys gave me confidence, willpower and realized me loads so general a really constructive expertise.

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