Glycemic Index and Load Listing of Frequent Meals

23 glycemic index fruits
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23 glycemic index fruitsWhen attempting to shed pounds the 2 major strategies are with a balanced calorie restricted food regimen or with a low carbohydrate food regimen that eliminates sugars and starches. Analysis has proven faster outcomes and higher compliance with the low carb food regimen.

Since most of my present shoppers try to shed pounds, I get a variety of questions on which meals are OK to eat and which of them they need to be avoiding.

Sugars, grains and processed and/or refined meals needs to be eradicated from the food regimen of anybody who’s seeking to shed pounds. These meals will elevate the blood sugar (glucose) ranges and lead the physique to provide extra insulin. Insulin is a hormone the physique makes use of to manage the metabolism of fats and sugars. One of many issues that insulin does to try to decrease blood sugar is to show the glucose into fats and retailer it within the physique.

Since sugars and grains are out of a weight reduction diet plan, a lot of the carbohydrates are going to come back from vegatables and fruits. The very best fruits by way of sugar content material are berries. All berries. Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and every other type of berry are good. They’re all comparatively low in sugar. The very best sorts of greens are your inexperienced leafy greens and your cruciferous greens like broccoli and cauliflower.

Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load

After that’s the place a variety of the questions start. “What different sorts of fruits are OK” might be probably the most requested query I get. The reply to that lies within the glycemic index and glycemic load of the meals.

The glycemic index (GI) measures how a lot a sure kind of meals raises the blood glucose ranges. A meals with a low GI will elevate the blood sugar solely barely, however a excessive GI meals will spike the blood sugar dramatically.

The glycemic load (GL) is a associated measure that appears to be a lttle extra related. The GL takes under consideration the GI of a meals in addition to the carbohydrate content material of the meals.

There are some meals which have a excessive GI however a low GL. Watermelon is an instance of a meals that has a excessive GI quantity however as a result of there’s a variety of water in a serving of watermelon there are usually not very many carbohydrates. Due to this fact it’s glycemic load is low.

Elements that Can Have an effect on the GI and GL

The GI and GL numbers are based mostly on the information recorded in varied research however these numbers can change based mostly on a lot of various factors.

When these meals are mixed with different meals reminiscent of fat and proteins, the GI and GL can lower for the reason that physique might metabolize the meals slower. That is true particularly with fatty meals. For instance ice cream has a low GL quantity due to the fats content material. Even with it’s low GI and GL numbers ice cream remains to be one thing that needs to be averted due to the sugar content material.

A fruit that’s riper will normally include extra sugar will improve the GI and GL.

A meals that’s cooked longer has extra of their cell bonds and buildings damaged down so they are going to digest faster which might give them the next GI and GL.

The GI and GL quantity can range from individual to individual and might change in the identical particular person relying on their physique’s metabolism, blood sugar ranges, insulin sensitivity and plenty of different components.

Excessive and Low Glycemic Index and Load Numbers

Low Medium Excessive
Glycemic Index (GI) lower than 55 56-69 70 and above
Glycemic Load (GL) lower than 10 11-20 20 and above

Until you might be bulking up or performing some type of superior pre-contest reducing food regimen, it’s normally greatest to keep away from meals with a excessive glycemic load and to restrict these with a medium glycemic load. Selecting extra meals with a low glycemic load will assist to keep away from massive surges in blood sugar ranges and the physique releasing a variety of insulin.


The Meals checklist

Whereas that is certainly not a whole checklist of each meals, the gadgets I listed are a variety of common meals that I get questions on. Some meals reminiscent of strawberries are low in carbs and due to this fact weren’t included within the research so they’re lacking from the checklist. I’ve seen estimates the place their glycemic load is between 2 and three.

I divided the meals into three teams. The fruits (sure, pumpkins are technically fruits), greens, and legumes. I didn’t embrace and sugary meals or grains since they need to be completely averted when attempting to lower fats.

I’ve additionally colour coded the meals into sections. The meals with a inexperienced font are meals that I like to recommend. The black font meals are nonetheless technically a low glycemic load however the portion sizes must be monitored just a little extra carefully. These are nonetheless OK however it is best to in all probability eat them just a little extra sparingly. The crimson font are meals that I might completely keep away from when attempting to shed pounds.

These numbers are based mostly on the analysis compilation from the College of Sydney and their full database may be discovered on their web site at

23 strawberries


Meals GI GL Serving Dimension (g) Carbs per Serving (g)
Apple, uncooked 40 6 120 16
Apricot, uncooked 57 5 120 9
Cherries, uncooked 22 3 120 12
Grapefruit, uncooked 25 3 120 11
Orange, uncooked 48 5 120 v11
Peach, uncooked 28 4 120 13
Pear, uncooked 42 5 120 11
Pineapple, uncooked 66 6 120 10
Plum, uncooked 53 6 120 11
Watermelon, uncooked 80 5 120 6
Mango, uncooked 51 8 120 15
Papaya, uncooked 60 9 120 15
Banana, uncooked 62 16 120 25
Dates, uncooked 47 14 60 30
Fig, dried 61 16 60 26
Grapes, uncooked 59 11 120 18
Pumpkin, boiled 66 12 80 18
Raisins 64 28 60 44

23 potato

 Greens/ Starches

Meals GI GL Serving Dimension (g) Carbs per Serving (g)
Carrot, peeled, boiled 33 2 80 5
Carrot, uncooked 16 1 80 8
Taro, peeled, boiled 54 4 150 8
Potato, baked with pores and skin 69 19 150 27
Potato, baked with out pores and skin 98 26 150 27
Potato, mashed 83 17 150 20
Candy Potato, baked 94 42 150 45
Candy Potato, boiled 44 11 150 25

23 legumes

 Legumes/ Beans

Meals GI GL Serving Dimension (g) Carbs per Serving (g)
Lentils 29 5 150 18
Pinto beans, boiled in salted water 14 4 150 25
Black Beans 30 7 150 23
Chickpeas, canned, drained 38 9 150 23
Kidney Beans 29 7 150 25
Chickpeas, boiled 36 11 150 30

As you’ll be able to see within the fruit class apricots, pineapples and watermelons wouldn’t be thought-about low GI meals. They don’t have a variety of carbs in a serving so their results on blood sugar ranges are usually not as nice so their GL numbers are low.

In distinction, dates have a low GI quantity however as a result of they’ve a variety of carbs, their GL quantity is within the medium vary so they need to be averted.

23 bananasBananas are one other common fruit that many prefer to eat. When I’m bulking I eat bananas on a regular basis, however for individuals who want to shed pounds, they’re one other fruit that needs to be averted as a result of it has a doesn’t have a low GI or GL quantity.

A giant shock that I discovered was that baked candy potatoes had a a lot greater GL than common potatoes. That is an instance the place I believe that cooking occasions made a distinction as a result of boiled candy potatoes had been loads lower than regular potatoes.

Hopefully this text and checklist of meals may also help you selected which meals are OK and which needs to be restricted or averted when attempting to shed pounds. Keep in mind that though a meals has a low GL, it ought to nonetheless be eaten moderately since it could possibly nonetheless have a unfavourable impact on blood sugar and insulin whether it is eaten in giant portions.

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