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appendix location
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What’s appendix

The appendix is a skinny tube that’s about 4 inches lengthy. The appendix location is within the decrease proper stomach. It’s connected to the big intestines. Within the medical discipline, it’s known as vermiform appendix.

The place is your appendix positioned

The appendix is positioned within the decrease proper aspect of the stomach. It appears to be like like a slender tube-shaped pouch that protrude from the big gut. It’s related to the caecum and about 4 inches in size and a pencil-thin.

It consists of an interior layer of mucosa and surrounded by submucosa, serosa, and muscularis layers. It incorporates plenty of lymphoid tissue. The appendix is a vestigial organ, which signifies that an individual can dwell a traditional life even with out the appendix.

appendix location

Image 1 : Appendix location


appendix pain location

Image 2 : Appendix ache location (appendicitis) – Mc Burneys level


Appendix position types location


Image 3 : Appendix numerous positions (anatomical variants)

What’s the operate of the appendix?

  • It performs an essential position within the fetus and younger adults. At round eleventh week of fetal growth, the endocrine cells of the appendix produce biogenic amines and peptide hormones, which assist with organic management mechanisms.
  • Appendix operate within the digestive system is to provide and defend useful probiotics within the intestine. It acts as a reserve for good micro organism.
  • Appendix features as a lymphoid organ, which help B lymphocyte maturation and assist within the manufacturing of immunoglobulin A antibodies.
  • The appendix performs an important position within the manufacturing of molecules, which helps direct the motion of lymphocytes to varied components of the physique.
  • The appendix improves the physique’s physiologic immune response, particularly in controlling meals, drug, and microbial antigens. (1, 2, 4, 8)

Appendix Circumstances

For some causes, the appendix can turn into infected. If not managed fastidiously, it might get severely contaminated and will result in rupture of the appendix. Appendix issues signs embody extreme ache in the fitting decrease quadrant of the stomach, nausea and vomiting. Irritation of the appendix is known as appendicitis.

It’s a medical emergency and requiring immediate surgical procedure. If the issue is left untreated, it might result in perforation of the appendix. It can spill infectious supplies into the stomach cavity. The liner of the stomach cavity will likely be infected. The poisonous supplies will journey to varied components of the physique. This may be deadly and will result in loss of life if not taken critically. (2, 3, 5)

An image of comparison between a healthy appendix and an inflamed

Picture 1: A picture of comparability between a wholesome appendix and an infected appendix.
Image Supply:

A step by step procedure on how to do a laparoscopic appendectomy.imagePicture 2: A step-by-step process on find out how to do a laparoscopic appendectomy
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Appendicitis signs

  • Appendix ache signs are characterised as boring. The ache is felt close to the navel or on the higher stomach. Because it strikes to the decrease proper quadrant of the stomach, the ache turns into sharp in nature.
  • Nausea
  • Lack of urge for food (6)
  • Belly swelling together with vomiting
  • Excessive grade fever
  • The affected person is unable to cross fuel
  • Ache when urinating
  • Constipation
  • Extreme cramps


It’s fairly troublesome to diagnose appendicitis as a result of its signs are just like that of different ailments. To provide you with an correct analysis, numerous procedures should be executed corresponding to urinalysis to rule out urinary tract an infection, stomach examination to verify for indicators of irritation, rectal examination, CT scan or ultrasound of the stomach, and blood take a look at to verify for infections. (6, 8)

It’s essential to take away a wholesome appendix?

Earlier than, when docs carry out stomach surgical procedures, they routinely take away the appendix to stop the potential of appendicitis. Nevertheless, in the present day the appendix is spared as a result of it performs an essential position within the reconstructive surgical procedure simply in case the urinary bladder is eliminated. The appendix is used to re-create a sphincter muscle, which controls the particular person’s capacity to manage urine. The appendix may also be used to interchange a broken ureter thereby serving to the urine to circulate from the kidneys to the bladder. In different phrases, the appendix is beneficial in performing numerous reconstructive surgical procedures. A wholesome appendix is saved for future use. (7, 9)

Easy methods to deal with issues in regards to the appendix?

If the physician is suspecting issues in regards to the appendix, the affected person will normally be placed on antibiotics to deal with any potential infections. Nevertheless, the antibiotics can solely deal with the signs. It is not going to successfully deal with appendicitis. An appendectomy, surgical elimination of the appendix is the one approach to deal with appendicitis.

The first motive why the appendix is eliminated is to keep away from bursting of the appendix. If there’s abscess within the appendix, it ought to be drained first and can then be eliminated after a specific time frame. (10)

How have you learnt in case your appendix burst?

There are indicators telling you that your appendix is about to burst. These are the next:

  • Extreme stomach ache – You might be affected by excessive ache within the abdomen. The ache extends from the stomach button going to the decrease proper aspect quadrant of the stomach. If you happen to complain of extreme stomach ache, the physician will request for an imaging take a look at corresponding to CT scan to detect the situation of the appendix.
  • Nausea with or with out vomiting – Not everybody with appendicitis expertise nausea and vomiting. In case you are feeling actually queasy, then it’s a must to contact your physician immediately. An infected appendix can generally affecting the gastrointestinal tract in addition to the nervous system, which explains why you might be affected by nausea and vomiting.
  • Frequent urination – In case you are operating to the toilet greater than the standard, it could possibly be a possible signal that your appendix is about to burst. The appendix is excellent under the pelvis, which makes it near the bladder. When the appendix will get infected, there’s a chance that it’ll get in touch with the bladder. It’s the motive why you are feeling like peeing more often than not. The truth is, it might additionally result in irritation of the bladder inflicting the urination course of to be painful. Initially, you are feeling like you might be having a urinary tract an infection. Additional research should be performed to rule out the basis explanation for the issue.
  • Fever and chills – Fever together with chills are the primary warning indicators that there’s something mistaken in your physique. If the appendix is infected, the physique will deal with the irritation by releasing chemical compounds to ship info to the fighter cells of the physique. As a response, the physique will manifest signs like fever, chills, and localized ache.
  • Confusion and disorientation – These are the indicators that the an infection within the physique is getting worse. It might point out that the an infection has entered the bloodstream or medically often called sepsis. This situation might be very deadly. It might probably severely have an effect on the features of the physique and the extent of oxygen within the blood will likely be decreased considerably. In consequence, the mind is not going to obtain ample quantity of oxygen resulting in signs like anxiousness, confusion, and disorientation. If the affected person is affected by these signs, it’s best to instantly go to the hospital. (3, 5 7, 8, 10)


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