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Peritoneal Dialysis (PD)
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Hemodialysis (HD)
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What’s the membrane?

Your peritoneum, a membrane that traces your interior stomach. Its tens of millions of
capillary blood vessels act as a filter.

A plastic dialyzer crammed with hole fibers. Every fiber is a membrane with tiny
pores that filters your blood.

How does this therapy work?

You fill your stomach with sterile dialysate fluid. Wastes and water movement out of
blood vessels within the peritoneum and into the fluid. After a couple of hours, you drain out the used
fluid and put contemporary fluid in. This can be a PD trade.

Your blood goes by the insides of the hole dialyzer fibers. Dialysate flows
across the outdoors of the fibers. Wastes and water cross by pores within the fibers and into the
dialysate. The used dialysate is distributed to a drain.

What’s within the dialysate?

PD dialysate has sugar (dextrose) to assist pull water out of your blood. It’s made
with sterile water, because it goes in your stomach. And, it has a buffer so it shouldn’t irritate
your stomach.

HD dialysate solely touches your blood by the pores within the dialyzer. So, it’s
made with clear, or perhaps “ultrapure” (very clear) water, however isn’t sterile. In addition to handled
water, HD dialysate has minerals like sodium, magnesium, potassium, and calcium. There could also be
some glucose. And bicarbonate is added as a buffer.

When do I do that therapy?

With PD, your blood is cleaned every day. You are able to do exchanges by hand 4 instances a
day (round meals and bedtime). Every takes half-hour or so. You are able to do different issues whilst you
wait. Most individuals use a cycler machine to do exchanges at evening whereas they sleep.

The extra HD you get, the higher it’s possible you’ll really feel and the longer it’s possible you’ll stay. Essentially the most
HD you may get is nocturnal therapies—8 hours at evening (whilst you sleep) 3 to six nights a
week. Day by day HD is 2.5–4 hour therapies 5 or 6 days per week. Commonplace HD is finished solely 3
instances per week for 3–4 hours.

How does blood get to the membrane?

A surgeon locations a gentle, plastic tube concerning the dimension of a consuming straw by
the wall of your stomach or chest. A nurse will train you to make use of this PD catheter to fill
your stomach with dialysate. If you find yourself not utilizing it for PD, you possibly can preserve it in place with a
gentle, cotton belt.

You want a vascular entry (option to attain your blood). One of the best methods
(fistula or graft) use your individual blood vessels. Needles are positioned within the
entry and related to tubes to convey blood to the dialyzer. Or, you will get a catheter—a
tube in your neck or chest that goes into your coronary heart. HD catheters have a excessive fee of an infection
that may be deadly.

The place can I do that therapy?

You are able to do PD in anyplace you can also make clear. You need to use a room at house, at
work, in a lodge, or a automobile, boat, or camper. You may study to wipe down all surfaces, shut air
vents, wash arms, and put on a face masks and gloves. You do not need germs in your stomach.

You are able to do HD in your individual house or in a dialysis clinic. Should you use a small, extra
transportable machine, you possibly can take it on journeys in a automobile, on a aircraft, or in a ship or camper. Should you
use a big machine, you’ll have to arrange therapies at a clinic to journey.

Does dialysis harm?

PD shouldn’t harm. It could possibly take a couple of days to get used to a stomach filled with fluid.
Some individuals have ache once they put fluid in, and wish extra buffer. This tends to get higher in
time. With a cycler, some individuals have “drain ache.” Leaving a little bit of fluid within the stomach (known as
Tidal PD) or transferring the catheter may help rather a lot.

HD shouldn’t harm. You will get numbing cream for the needles. The therapies
shouldn’t harm, however it’s possible you’ll really feel chilly, since your blood goes out of your physique. With normal HD
therapies 3 times per week, issues like painful muscle cramps, complications, feeling sick to
your abdomen, or being dizzy are way more frequent. These are very uncommon once you get extra HD.

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