OEM Peristaltic Pump in Dialysis Machine-Software Listing-Longer Precision Pump Co., Ltd.

OEM Peristaltic Pump in Dialysis Machine-Application List-Longer Precision Pump Co., Ltd.
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OEM Peristaltic Pump in Dialysis Machine

Software Introduction:

In medication, dialysis is a course of for eradicating waste and extra water from the blood and is used primarily as a synthetic substitute for misplaced kidney capabilities in individuals with kidney failure. The 2 essential sorts of dialysis are hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis; each take away waste and extra water from the blood however in several methods. Hemodialysis removes waste and water by circulating blood exterior the physique by means of an exterior filter, known as a dialyzer, which accommodates a semi-permeable membrane. In peritoneal dialysis, waste and water are faraway from the blood contained in the physique utilizing the peritoneum as a pure semi-permeable membrane. The wastes and extra water are faraway from the blood, throughout the peritoneal membrane, and into the dialysate, which is within the belly cavity. Dialysis machines are synthetic kidneys that carry out most, however not all, kidney capabilities for sufferers who’ve everlasting or short-term renal failure. To guard the affected person in opposition to hostile occasions that will come up from gear malfunction throughout the dialysis remedy, dialysis machines are primarily composed of pumps, displays, and alarms.

The Buyer Necessities:

Dialysis machines are
medical gear whose design and manufacture is regulated by the Meals and
Drug Administration (FDA). This implies the aseptic remedy and secure operation of
the machines are crucial. 

tubing is required for use for dialysate perfusion, drainage and blood pumping
as a way to stop the cross-infection. The blood pump must be secure to make use of
with blood cells with minimal hemolysis and will be operated manually in circumstances
of energy outage. As well as, the dialysis machine can function routinely
and precisely to enhance life high quality and supply a superb therapeutic
surroundings for the sufferers.

Longer Pump Answer:

1. Longer’s Peristaltic Pump has a variety of circulate fee, and may pump fluids with excessive accuracy and steady stress. When pumping fluids, the fluid solely comes into contact with the bore of the tubing, thus eliminating contamination between the pump and the fluid. Cross-infection will be prevented by utilizing disposable tubing. 

2. Longer’s Hemodialysis Pump MTH81-12 is specifically designed for the hemodialysis machine. The spring loaded rotor prevents excessive stress from occurring within the tubing. The operated by hand lever ensures that the pump will be operated manually throughout energy outages. The sensor for the opening or closing state of pump head cowl, ensures the secure operation of dialysis machine.

Buyer Worth:

1.Longer peristaltic pump chould meet the hygiene requirement to keep away from blood and dialysate contamination throughout switch.

When Longer peristaltic pump transferring the blood and dialysate, the blood and dialysate solely contact the bore of the tubing. With the disposable tubing, pump is not going to contaminate the fluid, and the fluid is not going to contaminate the pump. And the pump doesn’t require disinfection.

2.Secure for the blood cells: minimal hemolysis

The low shear, light pumping motion of Longer peristaltic pump ensures the secure for the blood cells.

3.Enhance the operational security of dialysis machine
Longer hemodialysis pump MTH18-12 has spring loaded rotor. When the blood stress is just too excessive, the pump will reduction the stress routinely to forestall the excessive stress hurt to the sufferers.
Longer hemodialysis pump MTH18-12 has operated by hand lever, serving to to load the tubing simply and run the pump head manually. In case of the facility outage, the blood may return to the affected person by manually working the pump. 

Longer hemodialysis pump MTH18-12 is put in with sensor to detect the opening or closing state of the pump head cowl. When the pump head cowl was mistakenly opened, the sensor will present a sign to cease the pump to guard the protection of working personnel.

4.With Longer peristaltic pump, the amount, flowrate and circulate course of the blood and dialysate will be managed routinely and exactly, which is able to enhance the life high quality and scale back the inconvenience for the affected person throughout the remedy.
Longer peristaltic pump has a wide range of management mannequin. The pump will be built-in into the dialysis management system by means of RS485 interface or analog sign interface to realize automated clever dialysis resolution with out human intervention.
Longer peristaltic pump has a variety of circulate fee, which will be managed by means of exact velocity management. This ensures that the completely different circulate fee of blood and dialysate for various sufferers may very well be happy simply.

Circulation fee precision of Longer peristaltic pump is <2%.

5.Longer may present the custom-made blood pump by OEM design

Longer engineers and technical specialist will work intently with you to know your specification to optimize the pump efficiency and performance, and to make sure the pump will completely match the commercial design of the dialysis machine.

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