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Peritoneal Dialysis

PD Diagram

Peritoneal dialysis (PD) makes use of the internal lining of your stomach (peritoneum) as a filter to scrub your
blood. A surgeon will place a delicate, plastic tube (PD
by the wall of your stomach or chest (presternal catheter). The tube is concerning the dimension of a
consuming straw. As soon as it heals, a nurse will educate you steps to make use of the tube to fill your stomach with sterile

Most individuals use a
for PD—a machine that can fill your stomach with the fluid and empty it out. Cycler PD is most frequently
finished at evening whilst you sleep, so your days are free. If you are able to do the PD steps your self and carry the fluid
baggage, you do not want a companion for PD.

As soon as you place sterile PD fluid (dialysate) into your stomach, it stays there, or dwells, for a couple of
hours. Whilst you go about your day, the fluid will accumulate wastes and water. Then you definately drain out the used
fluid and put in contemporary fluid. Draining after which filling is known as an
There are two methods to do PD:

By hand
Some individuals do 4 exchanges a day by hand. You would possibly do one once you get up, one at lunchtime, one at
time for dinner, and one at bedtime. Every takes about 20–half-hour. That is referred to as steady
(strolling round) PD, or CAPD.
With a machine
Fresenius Kidney Care - Liberty Cycler
Most individuals who do PD use a cycler machine to do exchanges
at evening whereas they sleep. With cycler PD,
your days could also be free. Or, you would possibly have to do a daytime
change by hand, too.
Your physician can prescribe your
cycler to suit your life.
That is referred to as automated PD (APD), or steady biking PD (CCPD).

Peritoneal dialysis (PD) advantages briefly:

  • Needle-free
    – You utilize a catheter in your therapies
  • Transportable
    – Take it with you
  • Versatile
    – Select therapy instances that match into your life
  • Freedom
    – Eat and drink extra of what you want and make fewer journeys to the clinic
  • Kidneys
    – PD retains your remaining kidney operate going longer than commonplace HD

Preparing for PD

Transfer Set

Switch Set

Your PD catheter will be positioned if you are an outpatient. You will not want to remain within the hospital
in a single day. Some individuals have little or no ache after getting a catheter; others have some ache for a couple of

TIP 1:
Ask the surgeon to place a
switch set
in your catheter. It is a longer piece of tubing with a valve to open and shut the catheter. Having a
switch set will assist you to get began with PD sooner.

TIP 2:
Make sure your catheter will not exit your physique at your beltline or beneath a pores and skin fold. This can make your it
extra snug and straightforward to reside with and preserve clear.

After surgical procedure, your PD coaching nurse will verify your catheter, flush it with fluid, and educate you the best way to
change the dressings till it heals (a few week or so).


As soon as your catheter is positioned, you may have coaching. Your PD nurse will educate you the best way to:

  • Arrange a clear room to do exchanges
  • Wash your arms
  • Handle your catheter and exit website
  • Do an change
  • Be taught what sort of fluid to make use of and when to do an change
  • Use your cycler (should you do APD or CCPD)
  • Retailer and order your provides
  • Preserve therapy logs
  • Take your blood stress
  • Observe your food regimen and fluid limits
  • Discover and report any issues

A PD nurse shall be on name 24 hours a day should you need assistance.

While you first begin to put PD fluid into your stomach, chances are you’ll really feel very full—even stretched. After a
week or two, you may get used to the fluid and it will not hassle you. If feeling too full is an enormous downside for
you, ask the nurse should you can construct up slowly to the correct quantity over a couple of days.

The place you may get PD

PD is the most typical sort of house dialysis. You could find it in all 50 states. There are greater than 5,000
dialysis clinics within the U.S., and about half prepare individuals to do PD. Discover a heart close to you.


You are able to do PD at house, at work, or once you journey. PD exchanges take about half an hour, however you may select
when to do them. Cycler PD helps you to do your therapies every evening whilst you sleep, so your days are free.
When you’re skilled, you may solely must go to the clinic as soon as a month to verify your lab exams and therapy
logs. You may additionally want time to verify and order provides every month, after which obtain the cargo.

House wanted

A truck will deliver PD provides to your private home as soon as a month. The driving force will put the packing containers the place you need them.
You may have to retailer 30 or so fluid packing containers which can be every about 1 by 2 ft, plus a few smaller packing containers
with different provides. If you do not have lots of space for storing, you could possibly get half of your provides
twice a month as a substitute. You could have to overlook work to be house when the provides come.

The packing containers are heavy, since they maintain baggage of fluid. They’ve to remain dry. When you preserve them in a basement,
put them on cabinets or a pallet—not on the ground. A closet is nice, if in case you have one. Or, line up the
packing containers towards a wall in a room the place they’re simple to succeed in. You’ll be able to put a fairly sheet over them or a
folding display in entrance of them so you do not have to have a look at the packing containers.

Care Accomplice duties

Generally, you are able to do PD by your self.
Even blind individuals can do PD with help gadgets.
Be taught
extra about frequent PD myths.
When you do have somebody to assist, she or he could prepare with you. A Care Accomplice can collect provides, transfer
packing containers, arrange the cycler (should you use one), or in some instances, do your exchanges.

PD could also be a sensible choice for you if you wish to:

  • Really feel nicely on a regular basis.
    PD is all day or evening—not simply 3 instances per week. You will not really feel worn out or drained after an

  • Keep away from needles.
    PD makes use of no needles. Your blood doesn’t depart your physique to be cleaned.
  • Eat and drink extra usually.
    You will not have the strict limits on fluid, potassium, sodium, and phosphorus that you’d have with
    commonplace in-center HD.
  • Keep away from lacking a lot work time for PD coaching.
    Most clinics do PD coaching throughout work hours—however coaching could take just a few part-days.
  • Preserve your job.
    Suit your PD into your day or do it whilst you sleep. PD is work-friendly.
  • Journey.
    You are able to do PD at house, at work, or whilst you journey. Provides will be shipped free within the continental
    U.S. A cycler can go along with you, even on an airplane.
  • Spend extra time along with your family members.
    You will not have to spend a lot time on the dialysis clinic apart from month-to-month visits. And, chances are you’ll be extra
    doubtless to consider your self as principally wholesome.
  • Shield your coronary heart.
    Blood stress is extra more likely to keep at a secure degree once you do PD than with commonplace HD. PD is
    gentler in your coronary heart as a result of the therapy is sluggish and finished every single day.
  • Really feel in management!
    Analysis reveals that the extra you recognize about your therapy and do for your self, the longer chances are you’ll reside.
    PD places
    within the driver’s seat.
  • Preserve any kidney operate you’ll have.

PD is probably not nearly as good of a selection for you if you wish to:

  • Swim typically or take tub baths.
    As a result of danger of an infection, your care staff might want you to keep away from tub baths or swimming in lakes or
    ponds. Some individuals put an ostomy bag over the catheter to maintain it clear and dry for a uncommon swim. With a
    presternal catheter, you
    take baths, as a result of you may preserve the catheter out of the water.
  • Have days off.
    be finished every day. (Please observe that having 2 days off in a row, as with commonplace in-center hemodialysis,
    is linked with a
    a lot
    greater danger of loss of life.
  • Preserve dialysis out of your private home.
    Since this can be a house therapy, you would want to have a machine and provides there.
  • Spend time with others on dialysis.
    You may go to the clinic as soon as a month for a go to along with your care staff, however could not see others who use PD.
    You could find them on-line, although.
  • Look slim.
    Having fluid—and a catheter—in your stomach can have an effect on the way you look and the way you are feeling about
    your physique. Dialysate has sugar (dextrose) in it, which may trigger some weight acquire.
  • Have a child.
    It may be difficult to get pregnant on PD, as a result of fluid in your stomach. And, as a fetus grows, it takes
    up room that you’ll want to get sufficient dialysis.
  • Stay so long as you may.
    PD survival is a bit higher than that of normal in-center hemodialysis (HD). However, doing longer and/or
    extra frequent HD—or getting a transplant—provides you the
    likelihood at an extended life.

Who’s greatest fitted to PD?

You probably have had main stomach surgical procedures*,
chances are you’ll not be capable of do PD. If you’re a big particular person, it might be onerous to get sufficient dialysis with PD. Have
a hernia? It should be fastened earlier than you begin PD. Typically PD may cause a hernia. In that case, there’s a manner for
you to maintain doing PD whereas it’s fastened. Aside from these well being points, the
important consider whether or not you are able to do PD is how a lot
need to do it.

*Having a child by C-section, a kidney transplant, or a hernia fastened doesn’t depend as “main.”

Excited about PD?
Discover ways to select a house dialysis

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