Rhetorical Phrases – Figures of Speech

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Rhetorical Phrases

(Phrases in blue hyperlink to articles exhibiting their present use. Donuts hyperlink to Homerisms: figures of speech by characters in “The Simpsons.” Study all you need—we’ll make extra!)

accismus (ak-SIS-muss)
The oh-you-shouldn’t-have determine.

acyrologia (a-KEER-o-LO-gia)
The lucky mix-up, or malapropism.

advert hominem (ad-HOM-in-em)
The character assault.

adianoeta (ah-dee-ah-noh-EE-tah)
The determine of hidden that means.

adynata (a-dyn-AH-ta)
The last-person-on-earth determine. It hyperlinks a sequence of impossibilities as a type of hyperbole.

a fortiori (ah-for-tee-OR-ee)
The Mikey-likes it! argument. If one thing much less doubtless is true, then one thing extra doubtless is sure to be true.

Starting the primary letter of succeeding phrases with the identical letter, normally a consonant.

alloiosis (al-oy-OH-sis)
The this-isn’t-that determine.

amphidiorthosis (am-phi-die-or-THO-sis)
The watered-down cost. You cool off an offended assertion, both earlier than or after.

ampliatio (am-plee-OT-ee-oh)
The worn-out label.

anacoluthon (an-a-COL-u-thon)
The grammar shift.

anadiplosis (an-a-di-PLO-sis)
The last-word first-word repetition.
Additionally see this.

analogy (an-AL-oh-gee)
The determine of parallel circumstances.

anamnesis (ah-nam-NEE-sis)
The reminiscence determine. It quotes an authority from the previous.

anaphora (ann-AH-for-ah)
The primary-word repeater.
Additionally see this. And this.

anastrophe (ann-ASS-tro- price)
The poetic word-order swap.
Additionally see this.

anoiconometon (ah-noi-coh-noh-MEE-ton)
The jumbled-up determine, through which the phrases are grotesquely out of order.

antapodosis (an-tah-POE-doe-sis
The side-by-side determine. It compares two issues that match in a couple of method.

anthimeria (an-thih-MARE-ee-uh)
The verbing determine.

anthropopatheia (AN-thro-po-pa-THEE-a)
The God is my co-pilot determine.

anthypallage (an-thy-PALL-a-gee)
The “I’m there” determine. Historical rhetoricians stated it modified a case to make some extent; Figaro makes use of it to alter a tense.

anthypophora (an-thy-POPH-ora)
The determine that anticipates, and solutions, the viewers’s objections.

antirrhesis (an-ter-REE-sis)
The “Oh, yeah?” argument.

antisagoge (an-tis-ah-GO-gee)
The balanced argument.

antistasis (an-TIH-sta-sis)
The repeat that adjustments a phrase’s that means.
Additionally see this. And this.

antistrophe (an-TIS-tro-fee)
The last-word repeater. Often known as epistrophe.
Additionally see this.

antithesis (ann-TIH-the-sis)
The determine of contrasting concepts.
Additionally see this.

antonomasia (an-to-no-MAY-sia)
The descriptive nickname.

apagoresis (a-pa-gor-EE-sis)
The “higher not” determine.

apodixis (a-po-DIX-is)
The everybody-knows-it-or-does-it determine.

apodioxis (a-po-dee-OX-is
The determine of banishment.

apophasis (a-PA-pha-sis)
The deny-it-then-say-it determine.
Additionally see this.

aporia (a-POR-ia)
The I-don’t-know-how-to-say-this determine; an expression of doubt, actual or feigned.

apomnemonysis (a-pom-nem-o-NIE-sis)
The determine that quotes an authority.

argumentum a fortiori (a-for-tee-OR-ee)
Argument from energy. If one thing onerous is completed, then one thing simple is extra more likely to be finished. Or if an fool accomplishes one thing, a whiz is extra more likely to.
Additionally see this.

asyndeton (a-SYN-de-ton)
The conjunction skipper.

autophasia (auto-FAY-sia)
Catch-22, or the rule that eats itself. Additionally see this.

barbarismus (bar-bar-IS-muss)
An unintentional determine that mispronounces a phrase. (Democrats name this determine a “Bushism.”)

The unintentionally hilarious emotional enchantment.

begging the query
The fallacy of round argument.

The bodily description of a lover.

boehner (BO-ner)
The determine of unintentional irony.

bomphiologia (bom-phi-o-LO-gia)
The chest-beating determine.

Various spelling of boehner; a determine of unintentional irony.

Mangled political syntax.

cacemphaton (cak-EM-pha-ton)
Foul language.

cacozelia (cak-o- ZEEL-ee-ah)
Utilizing international phrases and different methods to show your erudition—solely to appear like an fool.

catachresis (cat-a-KREE-sis)
The Metaphor Gone Wild.
Additionally see this. And this.

cataplexis (cat-a-PLEEX-is)
The jeremiad.

An act that may solely be carried out by its opposite.
Additionally see this.

ceratin (se-RAT-in)
The horns of a dilemma.

charientismus (chah-ren-TIS-muss)
The determine of swish mockery

chiasmus (kee-AZZ-muss)
The criss-cross determine.
Additionally see this.

chreia (KRAY-uh)
Repeating a personality or occasion (together with a legendary one), both by way of speech or playacting. Historical rhetoricians used it as a instructing train. The Christian Mass follows the types of a chreia.

circumlocution (cir-cum-lo-CUE-tion)
The rhetorical finish run.

cohortatio (co-hor-TOT-io)
Mentioning an opponent’s previous sins to make him appear like a shmuck.

The boiled-down public perception.

commoratio (co-mo-RAT-io)
The thought repeater. It restates the identical level a number of instances.

concessio (con-SESS-io)
The jiu-jitsu determine.

conduplicatio (con-du-pli-CAT-io)
Repeating phrases in several clauses to make some extent.
Additionally see this.

converse accident fallacy
A logical foul that makes use of a foul instance to make a generalization.

correctio (cor-REK-tio)
The correction.

deliberative rhetoric
Certainly one of three kinds of rhetoric (the opposite two are authorized and demonstrative). Deliberative rhetoric offers with argument about decisions. It issues itself with issues that have an effect on thefuture. With out deliberative rhetoric, we wouldn’t have democracy.

demonstrative rhetoric
Additionally referred to as epideictic, the speech of sermons, funeral orations and nationwide anthems. It makes use of the current tense and its chief subject is values. Aristotle named it one of many three sorts of rhetoric, the opposite two being forensic (authorized) and deliberative (political).

dialogismus (die-ah-log-IS mus)
The one-person dialog.
Additionally see this.

dialysis (die-AL-ih-sis)
The both/or determine.

diaphora (die-AH-for-ah)
Repetition that describes a personality.

diasyrmus (die-ah-SIR-mus)
The foolish comparability.

diatyposis (die-ah-tie-PO-sis)
The determine that provides recommendation.

diazeugma (die-ah-ZOOG-ma)
The play-by-play determine.
Additionally see this.

dicaeologia (die-key-oh-LOW-gia)
The determine of excuse.

The damned-if-you-do-or-don’t determine.

dirimens copulatio (dear-ih-mens cop-u-LAT-ee-oh)
The but-wait-there’s-more determine.
Additionally see this.

effictio (ef-FIK-tio)
The physique determine.

elenchus (ee-LENK-us)
A rapid-fire back-and-forth debate.

enantiosis (en-an-tie-OH-sis)
The paradoxical distinction.
Additionally see this.

enargia (en-AR-gia)
The particular results of figures: vivid description that makes an viewers imagine it’s going down earlier than their very eyes.
Additionally see this.

The determine of reward.

ennoia (en-NOY-a)
The determine of faint reward.

enthymeme (EN-thih-meem)
Rhetoric’s model of the syllogism. The enthymeme stakes a declare after which bases it on generally accepted opinion. Somewhat packet of logic, it may well present protein to an argument crammed with emotion.
Additionally see this.

epergesis (eh-per-GEE-sis)
The clarifier.
Additionally see this.

epexegesis (ee-pex-eh-GEE sis)
Various spelling of epergesis.

epideictic (ep-ih-dee-IC-tic)
Demonstrative rhetoric, the speech of sermons, funeral orations and nationwide anthems. It makes use of the current tense and its chief subject is values. Aristotle named it one of many three sorts of rhetoric, the opposite two being forensic (authorized) and deliberative (political).

epiphonema (eh-pih-fo-NEE-ma)
The memorable abstract.

epistrophe (e-PIS-tro-phee)
The top-word repeat. (Often known as antistrophe.)

epitasis (eh-PIT-ah-sis)
The add-on determine.

epitrope (eh-PIH-tro-pee)
Showing to concede some extent; really, although, you’re making enjoyable of it. The epitrope is a type of irony.

equivocation (e-quiv-o-KAY-shon)
The language masks.

eristic (er-ISS-tick)
A aggressive argument for the sake of argument.

erotesis (eh-roe-TEE-sis)
The rhetorical query.

Argument by character. It’s one of many three sorts of argument; the opposite two are pathos (argument by emotion) and logos (argument by logic).

eucharistia (eu-ka-RIS-tia)
The thanksgiving determine.

euphemismus (eu-phe-MIS-mus)
The euphemism, or sugar-coated determine.

eutrepismus (eu-tra-PIS-mus)
The enumerating determine.

exemplum (ex-EM-plum)
An instance that backs up an argument.

exergasia (ex-er-GAS-ia)
The restatement. It repeats ideas in several phrases.

exuscitatio (ex-us-ih-TA-io)
The texture-what-I’m-feeling enchantment.

The storytelling instance.

false analogy
The fallacy of unusual bedfellows.

heterogenium (het-er-oh-GEE-nee-um)

hyperbaton (hie-PER-ba-ton)
The interrupter.

hyperbole (hie-PER-bo-lee)
The determine of exaggeration.

hypophora (hie-PAH-for-uh)
A determine that solutions your personal query. (What’s the key to comedy? Timing!)

hysterologia (hys-ter-o-LO-gia)
The preposition interrupter.

hysteron proteron
The word-order swap.

idiom (ID-ee-om)
The determine of inseparable phrases.

ignoratio elenchi (ig-no-ROT-io eh-LEN-chee)
The fallacy of proving the unsuitable conclusion.

indignatio (in-dig-NOT-io)
The determine of scorn. Like a cohortatio, it makes the foe appear like a jerk.

inopinatum (in-op-in-OT-um)
The determine of disbelief.

The strategy of planting destructive concepts within the viewers’s head.

isocolon (i-so-CO-lon)
The determine of comparable clauses.
Additionally see this.

jeremiad (jer-e MI-ad)
Prophecy of doom; additionally referred to as cataplexis.

kairos (KIE-ros)
The rhetorical artwork of seizing the second.

leptologia (lep-to-LO-gia)
Additionally see this.

litotes (lie TOE tees)
The determine of ironic understatement, normally destructive.
Additionally see this. And this.

Argument by logic. One of many three types of argument; the opposite two are argument by emotion (pathos) and argument by character (ethos).

A humorously misapplied phrase; an acyrologia.

martyria (mar-TEER-ia)
A determine that remembers the speaker’s personal expertise.

meiosis (mie-OH-sis)
The shrinking determine.
Additionally see this. And this.

mempsis (MEMP-sis)
The determine of reproach.

metalepsis (met-ah-LEP-sis)
The determine of distant trigger.

metallage (meh-TAL-ah-gee)
The “Don’t give me ‘why’” determine

metanoia (met-ah-NOY-a)
The self-correcting determine.

metastasis (met-AH-stah-sis)
Skipping over a clumsy matter.

metonymy (meh-TON-ih-mee)
The determine of swap.

mycterismus (mik-terr-IS-muss)
The sneer.

neologism (NEE-oh-loh-gism)
The newly minted phrase.

non sequitur (non SEH-quit-tur)
The determine of irrelevance.

onomatopoeia (onna-motta-PEE-ah)
The noisemaker.

optatio (op-TOT-io)
An exclamation of need.

palilogia (pa-lih-LO- ja)
The repeater.
Additionally see this.

parabola (puh-RA-bo-la)
The parable.

paradiastole (pa-rah-die-ASS-toh-lee)
The label flip.

paradigm (PAR-ah-dime)
Argument from instance.

The opposite determine.
Additionally see this.

paraenesis (pah-RAY-neh-sis)
The Hen Little determine. It warns of impending doom.

paralipsis (pa-ra-LIP-sis)
The no-pun-intended determine.

paraprosdokian (pa-ra-proze-DOKE-ian)
The surprising ending.

parelcon (pa-REL-con)
The “like” determine.

parenthesis (pa-REN-thih-sis)
The “by-the-way” determine.

pareuresis (pa-ROOR-eh-sis)
The overwhelming excuse.
Additionally see this.

paroemion (pa-RO-mee-on)

paromoiosis (pa-ro-moi-OH-sis)
The side-by-side determine.

paromologia (pa-ro-mo-LO-gia)
The jiu jitsu transfer—strategically conceding some extent with a purpose to use it to your personal benefit.
Additionally see this.

paronomasia (pa-ro-no-MAY-sia)
A pun that performs on phrases that sound or imply the identical, however aren’t similar.
Additionally see this. And this.

parrhesia (pah-RAY-sia)
The excuse-my French determine.

Argument by emotion. One of many three types of argument; the opposite two are argument by logic (logos), and argument by character (ethos).

perclusio (per-CLOO-sio)
The risk.

periergia (per-ee-ER-gia)
The determine of over-figuring.

periphrasis (per-IF-ra-sis)
The determine that swaps a descriptive phrase for a correct title, or vice versa.
Additionally see this.

petitio principii (pe-TIH-tio prin-CIH-pee)
Begging the query; the fallacy of round argument.

phronesis (fro-NEE-sis)
Sensible knowledge; avenue savvy.

ploce (PLO-see)
The braided determine.

polyptoton (po-LIP-to-ton)
The basis repeater.

polysyndeton (polly-SIN-deh-ton)
The conjunction connector.

portmanteau (port-man-TOW
The hybrid phrase.

prolepsis (pro-LEP-sis)
The fight-fire-with-fire tactic. The speaker anticipates the opponent’s factors and undercuts them prematurely.

publish hoc ergo propter hoc
The chanticleer fallacy.
Additionally see this.

prosopopoeia (pro-so-po-PEE-uh)
The determine of personification.
Additionally see this.

pysma (PISS-mah)
The determine of a number of questions.

Utilizing cautious language to obfuscate. The rhetorical time period is leptologia.

ratiocinatio (ra-tio-cin-AH tio)
Reasoning by way of questions.

crimson herring
The fallacy of distraction.

reductio advert absurdum
Taking an opponent’s argument to its illogical conclusion.

skotison (SKO-tih-son)
The determine of final darkness.

slippery slope fallacy
The fallacy of dire penalties. It assumes that one selection will essentially result in a cascading sequence of unhealthy decisions.

solecism (SOL-eh-sizm)
The determine of ignorance.

straw man fallacy
As a substitute of coping with the precise challenge, assault a weaker model of the argument. (For an additional article, click on right here.)

symploce (SIM-plo-see)
The primary-and-last repeater.
Additionally see this.

synchoresis (sin-cho-REE-sis)
Conceding some extent to make a stronger one.

syncrisis (SIN-crih-sis)
The not-that-but-this determine.
Additionally see this.

synecdoche (sin-ECK-doe-kee)
The size-changing determine.

synoeciosis (sin-eh-SEE-eh-sis)
An prolonged oxymoron.

synonymia (sin-oh-NIM-ia)
The usage of synonyms to elaborate.

tapinosis (tap-in-OH-is)
The determine of nicknames.
Additionally see this.

tasis (TAY-sis)
The delectable determine.

tautology (taw-TAH-lo-gee)
The redundant determine.

thaumasmus (thaw-MAS-mus)
The determine of questioning.

topothesia (to-po-THEE-sia)
Description of an imaginary place.

traductio (trah-DOOK-tio)
A repetition that modifies a phrase.

unintentional irony
The joke’s-on-me determine.

yogiism (YOGEE-ism)
The fool savant determine, named after the immortal Yogi Berra. (Additionally spelled yogism.)

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