Trump Exams Optimistic for the Coronavirus

Trump Tests Positive for the Coronavirus
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Regeneron, if it’s going to assist, needs to be administered early on through the course of an infection. It really works greatest for seronegative individuals (these not already producing antibodies) as a result of it’s, basically externally administered antibodies. I do not know what Trump’s standing was. In case you are already producing antibodies its results are minimal or questionable.

That is from a abstract to potential buyers which tends to both put a extra optimistic mild on the outcomes or tries to baffle them relating to the dearth of wonderfulness.

[The] nasopharyngeal viral load via Day 7 within the seronegative group was a 0.60 log10 copies/mL higher discount (p=0.03) in sufferers handled with excessive dose, and a 0.51 log10 copies/mL higher discount (p=0.06) in sufferers handled with low dose, in comparison with placebo.

It labored higher for these with a excessive stage of virus which is what seronegative individuals are inclined to have. It lowered viral nasopharyngeal viral load by 0.6 log10 which a flowery method of claiming about an 8-fold lower. (Should you had 80,000 particles counted earlier than you’d have 10,000.)

To cite additional:

“Sufferers who had been seronegative and/or had larger baseline viral ranges additionally had higher advantages by way of symptom alleviation. Amongst seronegative sufferers, median time to symptom alleviation (outlined as signs changing into gentle or absent) was 13 days in placebo, 8 days in excessive dose (p=0.22), and 6 days in low dose (p=0.09).”

For a researcher the above represents p-value hell. It proved not one of the mentioned claims.

“Greater than 2,000 individuals have been enrolled throughout the general REGN-COV2 growth program, and no sudden security findings have been reported by the Unbiased Knowledge Monitoring Committee.”

(emphasis mine) That is analysis converse for avoiding discussing the opposed results. No sudden opposed results? The affected person turned purple, floated up, and bounced towards the ceiling. We anticipated that. With 2000 individuals you will get a number of opposed results.

This assertion is extra vital. ” Infusion reactions had been seen in 4 sufferers (2 on placebo and a couple of on REGN-COV2). Critical opposed occasions occurred in 2 placebo sufferers, 1 low dose affected person and no excessive dose sufferers. There have been no deaths within the trial.”

So, in abstract. If you’ll use it, use it early, use it in excessive dose, use it for somebody seronegative. For these with excessive viral load and people seronegative, it does change a marker, viral load, to a statistically vital diploma. Altering a marker just isn’t the identical as enhancing well being. For that, there’s a pattern, however not statistical significance. Which is to say, it is going to promote so much, be used for the mistaken set of COVID-19 contaminated sufferers on the mistaken time, and supply little profit. Polyclonal antibodies are comparatively protected, however there will probably be some of us with dangerous reactions.
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From yesterday morning’s emergency Gaslit Nation episode (presently accessible for those who’re a $5 & up patreon supporter), fast partial excerpt:
Andrea Chalupa: 2:30ish, “Don’t binge-watch the demise of your democracy, don’t deal with this like your favourite Netflix sequence. Make cellphone calls, textual content, postcards, all of it, I am doing it this weekend. If Trump ought to die & Pence is President . . . you are still gonna have Ivanka and Jared as de facto President of the US.”
Kendzior: 4:30 “We have at all times mentioned, the disaster we’re going via isn’t just about Trump. It’s a transnational crime syndicate masquerading as a authorities, and that does not magically go away if Trump loses an election and Biden is available in, it does not magically go away if Trump dies of COVID. . . . Jared and Ivanka and others within the administration have been constructing the insurance policies . . . [Their] alliances with autocrats will proceed unabated.”
Chalupa: 11:30 “Everybody has to remain grounded within the Gaslit Nation 2020 Survival Information, as a result of for those who let the information cycle knock you round, that is how they win. They create quite a lot of scandal to demoralize and disable us . . . The voters aren’t being referred to as. It is gonna come right down to turnout. If individuals see how Trump is failing, they’re gonna simply assume the election’s within the bag. They are not gonna perceive that it is not until they get a cellphone name from you, a textual content message from you, or a postcard from you saying ‘Get your tuchus to the polls, or be sure you have your poll in and it is all crammed out appropriately’ . . . My large concern is that persons are gonna simply cease doing the work considering that Trump’s gonna die. “
Kendzior: 12:30 “People are gonna be inclined to binge-watch the Apocalypse, watching fixed updates about Trump’s well being and making an attempt to decipher all these rumors.”
14:00ish, “Whether or not Trump has a fever, it is not one thing we will management. It places us in a passive place the place we’re simply spectators. We ought to be energetic contributors. Go to the Gaslit Nation Motion Information, mobilize voters, do not take something without any consideration.”
20:30 Chalupa on taking motion re Amy Coney Barrett: “Name your senators, flood their telephones, inform them to get artistic [like lawyers for death row prisoners] & throw each single delay they’ll think about to decelerate process. . . . Inform them to place a name out for all of the artistic attorneys on this nation, we want a mind belief on the way to gradual this down. Name your senator, then name Schumer, then name Dick Durbin & demand they struggle each single factor potential to delay delay delay.”

Now I am logging out of metafilter and taking Andrea’s recommendation to make calls/texts/postcards IRL for a number of hours. Being an energetic participant in creating a brand new world vs being a horror-show spectator: sure I wanted to listen to that, typing it out right here helped break my binge-watching brain-trance, perhaps another person would possibly discover it helpful.
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Can anybody assist me perceive the “doubtless voter” polls since Trump’s prognosis/hospitalization? Why would any ballot of “doubtless” voters take a nationwide pattern after we know the favored vote means nothing?

The largest cause that they are doing nationwide doubtless voter polls is that they are not making an attempt to foretell the election final result. They’re making an attempt to put in writing a narrative about how voters really feel.

Should not all pundits/information shops be concentrating on how his COVID-19 has affected the doubtless voters within the 5 swing states that may resolve the election

Possibly, type of, if their purpose was to precisely forecast the election. Nevertheless it is not; their targets are far more to do with eyes on pages, promoting advertisements, and for particular person pollsters for being on track and enhancing/sustaining their reputations. The one individuals actually making an attempt to forecast the election proper now are contained in the campaigns and events, and even they are not excited by only a dry forecast; they’re on the lookout for levers they’ll pull on.

Even for those who had been making an attempt to supply a very good forecast, you would possibly nonetheless do a nationwide ballot. You should use multilevel regression and poststratification to generate good state estimates out of national-poll knowledge, after which use these outcomes to monte-carlo up some forecasts. Should you had been doing that, although, you’d most likely need to ditch your likely-voter display screen in favor of simply straight incorporating a predicted chance of turnout.

So long as I am writing, right here, extra political science:

Partisanship in surveys is sort of by no means about registration or affiliation. It is virtually at all times “social gathering identification,” the place the pollster asks you one thing fairly near “Fascinated with politics, do you normally consider your self as a Democrat, a Republican, an unbiased, or what?” And for those who reply that you simply’re D/R, they ask you whether or not you consider your self as a robust D/R or as not so robust. Should you reply that you simply’re unbiased, they ask whether or not you lean in the direction of one social gathering or t’different. This will get you a 7-point scale operating from robust Democrat via robust Republican.

Listed below are the 2 large issues we find out about independents:

1) Most of them aren’t actually unbiased. Independents who lean in the direction of the D or R are virtually unattainable to tell apart from weak partisans. The one semi-consistent factor that pops up is that D/R leaners are a wee bit *extra* more likely to vote for his or her social gathering’s candidate than weak D/R are. It is fascinating {that a} bunch of partisans are now not prepared to say that they are partisan, and folks look into this, however I do not observe that.

2) Largely, and solely largely, the pure independents who do not lean both method are dinguses. Choose a measure of civic advantage — curiosity in politics, information about politics, chance of voting, whatevs — and pure independents are more likely to be on the underside.
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I virtually hate to even point out this, given our pattern in the direction of conspirary-think right here, however I need to admit that the factor that Josh Marshall simply posted on Speaking Factors Memo can be a factor that was circulating round in my very own head earlier at present:

Was the President the Superspreader?

Quite a lot of circumstantial proof now raises the actual chance that the President was himself the super-spreader on the middle of the White Home COVID cluster. . . .

However two bits of circumstantial proof stand out.

(#1) Piecing collectively the at greatest fragmentary data from the President’s medical doctors, it seems the President both had a fast onset of signs and a few very worrisome ones or he’s been sick for longer than we’re being instructed. . . .

(#2) Then there’s the fundamental query of, who introduced COVID to the White Home? We’ve had upwards of ten individuals on the Rose Backyard occasion who’ve COVID . . . (and) there’s one one that was uncovered to somebody with COVID within the days earlier than the Rose Backyard occasion: Donald Trump.

[NB: He also mentions Hope Hicks was possibly/probably exposed earlier, simultaneously with Trump, and of course there is the possibility others were as well and we just don’t know their names and details.]

He’s fast so as to add (as would I) that “for the second it’s all hypothesis” and there are virtually actually different candidates for the middle of the superspreader occasion. Possibly Trump, perhaps Hope Hicks, perhaps some others unknown. And perhaps a number of of these, not only one. Like if Trump, Hicks, and say 1-2-3 others on the White Home employees had been contaminated a number of days earlier than the Rose Backyard Bloodbath and so had been on the peak of the pre-symptomatic infectiousness on the Rose Backyard, it might clarify so much.

However whatever the particulars, and precisely the place Trump himself lies in inside the chain of transmission, is fairly clear the spreader(s) the day of the Rose Backyard Bloodbath had been somebody or someones very, very near the middle of issues on the White Home.

Re: #1, I will not go into excruciating element, however all reported Trump signs, drugs, and timing of each, make much more sense if Trump had been contaminated say per week in the past Thursday (Sept twenty fourth) or thereabouts, had been within the no-symptom however extremely infectious interval by Saturday, then began displaying some simple signs by say Tues-Wed (Sep 27-28), then lastly examined optimistic Thursday.

That may clarify the frenzy to the monoclonal antibodies and Remdesivir, the low oxygen ranges on the White Home (all that’s unusual for Day 2 however not a lot for Day 5 or–even extra so–Day 7), now the transfer to the steroid remedy (as a result of he isn’t at Day 4 of his an infection as we had thought, however extra like Day 10-11), and so forth.

Like the whole lot, it’s hypothesis and filling within the blanks–very presumably, incorrectly–where blanks have been left to fill in. So, do not take it too significantly.
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He is heading again to the White Home, with its helpful balcony for addressing fawning crowds from a fantastic distance.

Are you able to even see the balcony from the road now that the Nice Trump Containment Wall is in place across the Whitehouse?

Is it potential to say with confidence that such a historic edifice is ever virus-free?

One of many few good issues about Covid up to now is it does not persist a lot previous a pair weeks on surfaces even with out energetic decontamination; most solely a pair days. You may simply put any constructing in quarantine and be prepared go in a short time.

All of the bugs (listening units) which were put in by having a number of Russian intelligence belongings dwelling there are going to take so much longer to comb away.

I hope you are not suggesting that the janitors, cooks, groundskeepers, and so forth. are complicit in Trump’s crimes, or that we should not care in the event that they undergo.

I really really feel dangerous for these individuals. They’re at one of many pinnacles of their professions they usually should take care of this shit storm. They had been most likely so joyful once they landed their positions pre-Cheeto and now they dread going to work.

Will Trump spend the remainder of his days demanding to be stored hopped up on a steroid excessive or will his medical doctors drive him to journey it out?

It is fascinating to check this to different dictators and wannabees who ultimate days so typically function, uh, fascinating cocktails of various drug regimens. Like Trump they cannot bully no matter affliction ails them so perhaps they flip to goofy hail marys.

Hitler was famously strung out on opiates and coke with a facet dish of hormones. I at all times had in my thoughts for some cause that this was the medical doctors fault however it’s apparent now that there is not actually any controlling individuals like Trump. He’ll be hitting that drug button like a rat in a substance abuse experiment.

That business additionally very a lot contains native companies who’re renting the talk fee

But when they did the debates from separate places they’d procure all that stuff X2-3. Plus you’d add on not less than two teleconferencing groups. Or geez on the identical facility simply in two separate rooms. There are alternatives apart from standing on the identical stage 12 foot 6 and 1/2 inches aside with nothing however poorly circulating air between them.

A few of these individuals have by no means been even barely inconvenienced of their total lives and it reveals.
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Right here’s the Keyser Soze reveal:

Trump was the rose backyard tremendous spreader.

He acquired it, let’s say, on the Pittsburg rally Tuesday, September twenty third, and after a 3 day incubation interval, was contagious however not but symptomatic on the rose backyard occasion by the twenty sixth. In fact he knew he had it, however hoped to maintain it secret.

Consider everybody who acquired it whereas attending…who was the distinctive hub to all of these spokes? Somebody there needed to have it entering into…who was uniquely poised to be that particular person?

On Tuesday, September twenty ninth, the Trumps went to the talk, arriving late so there was no time for covid testing, regardless of the talk guidelines requiring it. The Trump entourage refused to put on masks, once more regardless of the foundations. Curiously, Melania was the one one within the social gathering who wore a masks — a pang of conscience, maybe? — however ultimately eliminated hers.

By Friday October, 2nd, Trump introduced that he and Melania had examined optimistic. This date is not any coincidence; the timing aligns exactly with when the “covid cliff” would happen if he was already 7 to 10 days in to the sickness. He’d gone off the cliff, wanted oxygen, and so forth., and easily might conceal it no additional. This explains a few odd issues:

1. The physician’s conflicting statements about when Trump had been recognized; and
2. The administration of “late stage” medication to Trump regardless of, supposedly, having simply been recognized (a number of medical commentators have questioned about this).

If this timeline is right, it might additionally clarify Trumps cockiness about leaving the hospital: he has already had the “cliff” and are available via it. If he had gotten covid later — say if one among his staffers gave it to him after contracting it on the rose backyard — the worst remains to be probably a pair days away.

Given that there’s reporting that Trump tried to maintain quiet the covid check we ultimately grew to become conscious of, the truth that he would possibly attempt to cowl up a optimistic check from per week earlier isn’t that far fetched. Certainly, on this state of affairs, the covid check introduced Friday, October, 2nd, by no means occurred; they already knew.

In fact…hypothesis. Nevertheless it does appear to reply some questions. What am I lacking?
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The main target is on the Rose Backyard Coney Barrett nomination because the superspreader occasion, however I wish to spotlight that 2-hour, 1.8 mile Prayer March earlier that Saturday in my earlier remark. A number of WH attendees had been on the march. Relying on the supply, 1000’s (mainstream shops) or tens of 1000’s (organizers, evangelical media) attended; “After the rally, demonstrators walked to eight websites across the Nationwide Mall. At every, they had been requested to hope on a particular focus, together with law enforcement officials, authorities leaders, ending abortion and extra. […] Few masks had been seen among the many audio system on stage or contributors within the crowd, though organizers inspired everybody to observe coronavirus security protocols on the occasion’s web site.”

Pastor Laurie is one among Trump’s advisers. Yesterday: “I simply want at a time like this we couldn’t politicize one thing like this however present compassion,” Laurie mentioned within the [embedded, Instagram] video. “God is accountable for our lives, I do not know why he allowed me to get it, however I acquired it.” Identified for his large-scale, evangelistic Christian occasions Harvest Crusades, Laurie didn’t point out his attendance on the Barrett nomination nor his participation within the Prayer March. Nevertheless, in movies and images that Laurie posted on his Twitter account, he could be seen with no masks and never social distancing amongst Prayer March attendees. […]

Laurie, in an April fifth (Palm Sunday) article concerning the growing reputation of his church’s livestreamed providers, As Trump watches amid coronavirus, SoCal megachurch pastor tells worshipers to remain house: “One of many issues that form of irritates me is the way in which some persons are probably not responding appropriately to the very actual risk of the coronavirus,” he instructed the Los Angeles Instances. “Typically persons are simply ignoring it as if this has not been requested of us, and I believe we need to be thoughtful of others. As a result of, look, you can be a youngster, and you can get COVID-19, perhaps not even pay attention to it, after which move it on to Grandma with out even realizing it. Let’s respect each other. Let’s care about each other.

Pence & household (together with Mrs. Pence, who additionally attended the Sept. 26 occasions) arrived in Utah yesterday night. PBS: Wednesday’s Vice presidential debate may have plexiglass protect between condidates, to cut back the danger of coronavirus transmission. KUTV, Salt Lake Metropolis: “The talk may have a particularly restricted in-person viewers and attendees are being required to be examined for COVID-19 previous to attending.”
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Sympathetic nervousness for an evil overlord! What a disconcerting feeling!

I have been feeling this paradox too: all through Trump’s illness on the whole, and acutely when watching that video.

The disconnect for me is that in media phrases, Trump aspires to be – and largely succeeds at being – a political phenomenon, and as such is sort of by no means earlier than our eyes as an precise human physique. Even after we do focus on his physique – the hair, the go well with, the fingers – it is typically by way of mediation and presentation, not of actual flesh. Even after we discuss his violence towards ladies, it’s the ladies whose our bodies develop into central, whereas particularly given his denial, he stays in energy: the one who grabs, the one who demeans, the one who does the violence. It’s a white cishet male renunciation of subjectivity to the nth diploma. (His weight problems is maybe an exception, however in fact it’s at all times masked – we all know we’ll by no means see him shirtless).

Obama had (has!) an simple physique, given this racist tradition. An excellent highly effective man with a physique – how terrifying for these nonetheless holding desperately onto a regime of white male normativity and would possibly, a regime by which different individuals do labor, different individuals get hungry, different persons are susceptible to sickness, different individuals have pores and skin colour, different individuals have infants, different persons are assaulted, different individuals die. (See additionally ActionPopulated’s wonderful hyperlink above, I desire a dyke for president. I would like an individual with AIDS for president, and I desire a fag for Vice President…)

However now right here this man is – an actual, susceptible, regular flesh and blood human, gasping for breath. Yikes, poor soul, nobody needs that bodily desperation, one feels it and feels for the particular person having it. On the identical time, although, all of us see him refusing to acknowledge his very personal rattling humanity. WTF dude? Attend to your physique, admit that you’ve got one not less than, it will not kill you (in reality on this case it is going to most likely save your life).

We’re in true tragedy territory right here, Covid lays naked Donald Trump’s pathologies past what I would even imagined: he kind of killed a whole lot of 1000’s of individuals so as to keep a fantasy of transcending regular human existence, and apparently he is prepared to kill himself for it too. That’s horrifying and unhappy.

It additionally – no small matter – deflates the actual, essentially corrupt supply of his energy, in an intimate method.

Covid, wow. Within the physique of Trump it’s publicly laying naked a deep-seated, depressing, able to expire lie proper now, earlier than our very eyes. For that, respect, little virus – respect.
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> Dr. Hahn was overly influenced by his company’s profession scientists

> Donald Trump’s large lie has been that the coronavirus isn’t as harmful as scientists say

> How has denying science, info, how has that develop into a degree of satisfaction.

I believe we’re accustomed to this place, however in his latest Covid-Cough Interview, Guiliani got here fairly near explaining precisely how Republican politicians view science and scientists:

Biden, Giuliani declared, does not “actually perceive what scientists are,” including that folks ought to take heed to their medical doctors as a result of “they know your private historical past. Medical doctors actually aren’t scientists. Scientists virtually at all times have competing opinions. That is what science is about.”

See, scientists aren’t a single stable impenetrable shield-wall of unified opinion on any specific matter, plus they maintain searching for additional data and modify their conclusions in mild of it, plus they focus on issues brazenly.

All which means that in sum, they’re straightforward prey for individuals who assume like Republicans:

– Even when scientific opinion is 99/1 that may nonetheless be characterised as “disagreement”. And you’ll usher in one or two or three from the 1%, have them testify, and it carries simply as a lot weight in a listening to or within the media as the opposite facet, who introduced in 3 individuals from the 99%.

– I can at all times characterize scientific opinion as “various and never fully settled”–even if it is really 90/10, 99/1, and even 99.99/0.01–which permits me to selected whichever opinion I like greatest as a result of “scientists” assist it, similar to the opposing opinion.

– The truth that information, conclusions, and proposals modify over time as extra data is gathered, just isn’t one among science’s best strengths however a handy assault vector for media appearances.

– As a result of scientific discourse is public, it is easy to search out many examples of various concepts, altering conclusions over time, and so forth and so forth and so forth, that are straightforward to fling about as sound bites to simply muddy the waters.

– No have to discriminate amongst points which can be presently unsettled and beneath vigorous dialogue, points the place little is understood but, points which have a higher diploma of readability, and points which have almost full readability and almost unanimous settlement in a subject. All of those could be characterised simply the identical as “disagreement within the scientific neighborhood” which, once more, permits me to decide on whichever reply I personally like greatest.

“Scientists virtually at all times have competing opinions. That is what science is about.”

And, that is what Guiliani notices most and likes greatest about science.
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the antecedent of that pronoun

Sure I see that a number of sources state that Trump was not examined by the venue for coronavirus. Nevertheless, that is not what I am looking for out. What I’m making an attempt to determine is: Was that in violation of the talk’s floor guidelines (we could not know) and was it totally different than what the Biden marketing campaign did (Wallace indicated that each campaigns reported check outcomes of their candidates)? (and for the needs of this query, I’m additionally not asking whether or not any of those check outcomes had been lied about, and I am not asking about another attendee or entourage member. I am making an attempt to make this a slender and presumably answerable query)

Quick reply is it appears laborious to say.

First, from Cleveland Clinic:

Most significantly, everybody permitted inside the talk corridor examined damaging for COVID-19 previous to entry. People touring with each candidates, together with the candidates themselves, had been examined and examined damaging by their respective campaigns.

(emphasis mine).

And, from Wallace, by way of Newsweek:

Wallace instructed Fox Information anchor Invoice Hemmer there was an “honor system” between the 2 campaigns when it got here to being examined for the virus previous to the talk. Based on Wallace, Trump and his entourage “could not be examined by the clinic” as a result of they arrived too late.

“So for them to get examined, there would not have been sufficient time to have the check and have the talk at 9:00 that evening,” Wallace continued. “They did not present up till 3:00, 4:00, 5:00 within the afternoon. Yeah, there was an honor system when it got here to the those that got here into the corridor from the 2 campaigns.”

(emphasis mine, once more.)

It sounds prefer it was acceptable or allowed for the campaigns to self-vouch. I am unable to presumably perceive that logic, given the well being dangers of each candidates that is… gorgeous.

As to three p.m. being too late to get examined and obtain a outcome…

1. I do know the “fast exams” that had been/are being utilized by the NBA and such have some large issues with false +/- outcomes. Should you get a optimistic in quarter-hour, although, is not that sufficient to sit down out the talk?

2. I had a CoVid check and was undoubtedly displaying nearly all of the signs. Outcomes returned in 5 hours, and that was with ready an hour for a courier to maneuver them from a clinic to a lab. I do know this isn’t regular to obtain outcomes so quick. I work for a hospital and enter affected person care areas on a regular basis.

BUT, if the hospital can flip it round in 5 hours for little ol’ me who simply works on the cheap-o computer systems, why could not Cleveland Clinic do it for a Presidential debate?

tl;dr: Life or loss of life is not any time for an honor system. To cite Reagan (simply to point out the hypocrisy), “Belief, however confirm.”

Those that eliminated masks towards the agreed upon guidelines ought to have been instantly eliminated.

And, why oh why can we maintain letting the “moderator” off the hook right here? Why cannot he say, “We won’t begin the talk, since we’re nonetheless ready for Trump, et al. check outcomes”? Why cannot he say, “Debate is delayed till Trump household wears their masks, as was agreed upon”?

The testing off website sounds prefer it was not in violation, however not sporting masks positive was. (Wallace is 72 himself, FWIW).
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The query I’ve requested people who find themselves screaming “COUP ATTEMPT, COUP ATTEMPT” is that this: if Trump actually is succesful proper now, what’s it that you’re afraid of?

Clearly, Pence and the Cupboard haven’t determined that Trump is incapable of the workplace proper now, or the Twenty fifth as written is true there to be invoked. Any theoretical fee to be fashioned (which might contain precise medical medical doctors and psychiatrists reasonably than Betsy DeVos passing judgment on Trump’s well being, which does sound to me like a greater deal all-around, as somebody who’d wished for psych profiles to be carried out on Reagan again within the day in his second time period) can’t be created with out McConnell and the Senate’s buy-in, which signifies that even when they one way or the other AGREED that such a fee could be a very good factor, it is not taking place any time quickly as a result of McConnell just isn’t doing something that even hints of “compromising with the Democrats” in election season. (Or another time, however particularly now.) And a “he is down and out” verdict would STILL require Pence’s buy-in until he, too was incapacitated.

If Trump is succesful, all he must do is stand in entrance of mentioned medical doctors and say, “Okay, I’m recovering from an sickness, however as you’ll be able to see, I’m lucid and I’m cellular” and the media would go _insane_. “Pelosi makes an attempt medical coup on false claims, is refuted” could be among the many kindest headlines, leaving apart that “Pelosi makes an attempt to get Mike Pence named Performing President” could be the end result until Pence can be down for the rely so it is actually not a lot of a coup, is it?

And if Trump is down for a number of days however recovers, he sends a letter that claims “I am again” and whammo, he is President once more very quickly until Pence & Co. dispute that. Hardly a “Nancy sends Trump to the Gulag” state of affairs.

So until just about the whole Government Department is contaminated and incapable, together with the POTUS and VEEP, Rankin’s invoice that Pelosi is signing onto now could be extra precautionary and clarifying-the-murky-Twenty fifth than it’s threatening in any method. Which Pelosi clearly is aware of.

Any “THIS IS A COUP” howler will clearly deny that the “until” clause there’s true. So… what _are_ they afraid of, then?
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