Whereas Goons try promote they’ve modified in Asher’s submit declaring it so, appears poisonous crap was deleted by admins

While Goons are trying sell they've changed in Asher's post declaring it so, seems toxic crap was deleted by admins
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So, I awakened early, grabbed some espresso, smoked a cigar, watched the dawn and wished to see the place that practice wreck of a Goon spin thread went yesterday.


I opened the complete spider-web of brigaded crap up, see all of the 277 downvotes posts and strings on the backside, and see issues are lacking. Hmmmmmm.

Edit: for readability. TEST by no means got here right here and glory posted that we’re ‘modified’. We all know we nonetheless have points typically. We work on them.

This was my favourite one, after he trolled me on this topic and I lastly defined it intimately to him:

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NalanaVos: https://evewho.com/character/351496082

A peek into TEST Common Discord. Goon spais already lurk there, so .. we even have this cool bot known as Dungarmatic, who remembers issues and talks typically.

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Sure, I had permission to submit these 🙂 That was yesterday, after Asher’s – Goons have modified submit

So different stuff was zipped off the web page, too by admins:

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You’ll find outdated deleted posts right here.


Hell, even /u/wallywot .. naughty poem was deleted from Asher’s submit. It was proper right here:

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Since I do know this shall be tossed on the market, since a Goon threw it at me at the moment, right here you go: https://imgur.com/a/q55VJgE That is a comfortable counter troll on the identical ‘concern’ that somebody tossed my method – as soon as once more. Fairly certain the admins have seen it.

When a submit is deleted, I assume it additionally deletes the string under it, however an admin should readability that, not completely 100% certain.

So, for days Goons have been laborious trolling individuals (me particularly) about ‘search assist, see a shrink, get a counselor, do not damage your self, we’re frightened about you, test right into a psych ward’ and different such shitty feedback. #Pretend concern, B4R bullshit. I imply, in a single thread, Goons jerked off and upvoted feedback in a string of that tripe. All deleted by admins. Disgrace, too, as a result of it was a John Harley submit, which was kinda humorous. He is not a nasty poster. A lot better than Jay Amazingness imo 🙂 John is simply to the purpose. I like that at conflict with Goons or not. I like that high quality in a person or girl.

Hear, I simply submit with ardour. I like TEST and my corp. I am by no means 😡 or something, and if I come off that method, it isn’t supposed. Possibly notion resulting from my writing type. That is the second most overused meme on r/eve ‘u mad’. Yeah, I’ve used it, too. However I digress.

I imply, it is 2020. Weird, disturbing issues all around the world happening and within the US particularly now. The CDC has even written about alarming charges of suicide.


Effectively, these are the kind of feedback that might lead an actual mentally unstable to really do the deed and off themselves. I am not one, and completely sane. If actually involved, use the Reddit button to report. It is on the entrance web page. They then attain out to the particular person in a PM with suicide hotline information. It is occurred earlier than on Reddit – individuals killing themselves over a submit or two or cyberbullying – and so they even now have an choice to report focused harassment. All media websites at the moment are cracking down on the sort of posting, by the best way. Appears Reddit is cracking down on this now. r/eve admins are extra aggressive now, as you possibly can even see in latest posts right here on Pg. 1.

So, at first, I used to be like, fuck this, I will simply report it. An admin right here contacted me and helped after a number of experiences. Then, I made a decision a pair days in the past, why report in any respect? I will simply let Goons appear like idiots on ‘laborious trolls’ faux #concern submit on suiciding, and #faux B4R trolling. Makes them look worse. So I simply comfortable trolled again. ‘Feedback like. “You appear to be an skilled, did you have got a psychology diploma like Mittens? ‘Inform the way it feels”‘ … or … ‘Seems like you have got expertise, please inform me what it is like speaking to a counselor.” I even went on to joke and ask one Goon nerd who mentioned in a string of crap ‘search assist’ or some shit, to elucidate if he might inform me what it was wish to get a lobotomy, since he clearly did not get it. Gonna laborious troll me? I will comfortable you you proper again on this topic. Have I seen counselors? Who hasn’t? I noticed two marriage counselors for a pair years to repair some shit with a relationship. However let me let you know the actual cause why this speak lights me up.

My mom died about 3 years and suffered from critical bipolar despair most of her life, however managed. I took care of her the final 5 years of her life and watched her slide into vascular dementia. That ain’t enjoyable, belief me. When mum was going by means of these things again then within the 70s, there was a drug known as Lithium, used to deal with it despair. Effectively, at the moment, yow will discover a really vital variety of sufferers in kidney dialysis resulting from this drug. It is very laborious on the kidneys, the place it is processed. Mum had stage 5 kidney illness resulting from it. She bought a ‘scorching’ overdose of liquid Lithium and a hospital as soon as, and it did some harm. I noticed mother undergo her ups and downs over time, because the age of 27, when it started.

She was in many psychological hospitals over time for episodes, however managed to boost two boys and do a reasonably good job at it imo. I took her to lots of these locations, and let me let you know, some aren’t fairly; particularly again then. She held down main jobs for structure corporations and unions, went again to high school in So. Cal. in her 50s, chasing her masters diploma. She achieved loads in her life and was a caring, loving mum.

So if I get a bit delicate about being trolled about psych wards, suicide and ‘search assist earlier than somethings occurs to you’, that is why I are likely to get slightly unnerved. Nobody is aware of what it is actually like to go to your kinfolk in a psychological establishment, tied to a mattress, strapped in, and torpid from medicines pumped in by psychiatrists. Sadly, at the moment’s medication are solely slightly higher, and nonetheless not superior as bodily medical science. A lot we nonetheless do not know in regards to the mind. You additionally do not know me.

Now, to historical Goon tradition. Sure, Goons are making an attempt to make a shift, however imo, it isn’t all there but. Is TEST? No. We nonetheless have some edgelords, too. However with Goons, numerous that’s the vile I see spewed on Meta Present by Mittens. Brisc is not so unhealthy tbh. He simply nods loads at Mittens, agrees and laughs. The Mittani does numerous private assaults on people. That stinks to me, personally. I don’t converse for TEST as an entity, however I do not prefer it myself. I’ve now come to only snark at it, transfer alongside. Cannot even watch the present it is a lot Goon spin. Then he throws my title round a number of occasions and brings me up in State of the Goonion. So I assume it is open area day on r/ve for ol’ Valky now, proper? Take your finest shot, Mittens, I assume. Ship your psyops cowboys after me on r/eve. idgaf tbh. House fame is good. Appreciated, pal. Everytime I submit something, you are Goon nerds downvote the shit out of, so congrats to your psyops button smashers, I assume. Name me nuts, together with your self-proclaimed psychology shit on Twitch. idgaf

Subsequent time we meet at Eve Vegas, the place I reside, possibly you will truly shake my hand, as an alternative of being so filled with your self, you simply could not be bothered. Nobody on the desk might get a phrase in edgewise; you have been too busy yapping about your self together with your overblown ego and a few blonde chick in your arm.

Then, /u/Olmeca_Gold steps to the plate yesterday and fires a shot over the bow. Effectively, Goons and Olmeca have a historical past, so .. and I am not stepping into that. Not my enterprise and there is ALWAYS two sides to each story.


One of many factors he made was precisely how many people – the Eve neighborhood at giant – really feel about Goons. Why? Mittens and his blabber.

Aside from doxxing, in his submit, Asher would not cope with basic toxicity and gaslighting an excessive amount of. When he does, makes use of the official line. Meta Present toxicity is disregarded as roleplaying. Member toxicity is disregarded as “everybody has edgelords” or “these aren’t leaders”. Let’s start with the Meta Present. It is drawback is Mittani’s type. You’ll be able to say it is roleplaying. Nevertheless it has penalties. That type, the speaking factors, the koolaid trickles right down to line members. We’ve to cope with it afterward once we are in mediums with Goon linemembers, resembling r/Eve, CSM Discord, TIS Discord, and others. It has game-eroding penalties.

Legitimate imo, whether or not I pre-judge him or not on something tbh. That is mainly what the r/eve neighborhood, apart from Imperium, have mentioned.

Concerning the gasligthing, it wasn’t solely me. Mittani publicly admitted a number of occasions that he makes use of goal calling boogiemen to create cohesion and make their lives more durable. Simply consider what number of MAJOR boogiemen Mittani has gone by means of merely previous few years. Gevlon, Gigx, me, now Vily, Courageous, extra… You will not see Vily or Gobbins making weekly exhibits about how some enemies are backstabbers. For those who wan’t to see how motivation creation ought to appear like, simply distinction Dunk’s superior Not the SOTA sequence with Meta Present. Dunk is just like the antithesis of Mittani and has been successfully proving that you do not want poisonous gasligthing with the intention to inspire your individuals. Furthermore, in case you are the type of chief who makes use of that then you definitely’ll get the sort of people that reply to that outstanding in your alliance and tradition. The theme trickles down, and even when you guys are all pleasant in your group, meetups and so forth; it’s us non-Goons who need to cope with the toxicity.

See the remainder of his submit for hyperlinks and supply materials. Discover, Goons did not handle these factors in any respect in his submit? Like hell, hate him or not, reply the person.

So then I went looking for /u/penifSMASH submit’s. See, I used to fly with penif and I’ve by no means, ever seen him unload like this. r/eve is aware of him as a man with one-word posts. That string stays within the Asher submit – though some deletes of different feedback. It is a lengthy string of 72 posts, simply get pleasure from and scroll down. Perceive, penif went #fuckGoons for an extended, very long time, killed a number of Gons over time and simply got here again for WWB II and rejoined GSF. I wished to see if Gons continued to eat their very own and slap him round, which was fairly shitty imo. I instructed him o7 in his feedback, as a result of it took balls. He manned up in the identical submit to his shit and has earlier than. So why some Goons assault him now, I’ve no clue.


TEST has this bylaw. ‘Do not be a dick’ .. it really works. Though diplo reactions can range relying on interpretation and actions. Nevertheless it typically works. I inform my corp the identical factor. Be proper, do not interact apparent nerds in alliance or Legacy, take the excessive street. If it goes to diplo, seize me. As a result of I wanna be there to listen to all of it.

Now, need an actual peak into the actually outdated Goon tradition I skilled through the Nice Struggle with Band of Brothers? Some Goons will acknowledge this string of names:

Outdated, 2009 YouTube vid. That is mainly phrase for phrase I troll I did on GoonSwarm boards. There’s slightly embellishment the, I am certain, particularly by the woman speaking Goon #faux Good chief there. I dunno, I assumed it was an excellent troll, however penif laughs atm me and hyperlinks it from time to time. I do assume he in all probability would not like me, however I did like lots of the outdated Goonier nerds in FailBlops and had a blast on 3 toons with them and realized loads. There was once a man named Ribeye Jacksom https://zkillboard.com/character/790718213/ Dude taught me loads about BLOPs and learn how to fly a correct Falcon. Yelled and shit, however I realized. Again then, Falcon’s have been good, not shit and simply cynos like at the moment. Possibly OP then, some argue, however no matter. Your entire sport was completely different. I did that stint in Goons slightly over a yr throughout that conflict by means of the south to Interval Foundation and eventually Delve. Do I declare to be a pvp God? Nope, typical hyperlinks in fleets and F1’er. I suck at solo. I like small gang.

Okay, now to the nuts and bolts of what I wanna say. Hear homies. We’ve ALL mentioned issues we remorse or want we dealt with in another way. For those who persuade your self that you simply’re not one, then possibly you are a nun, I dunno.

We might spend all day searching for outdated shit somebody mentioned ‘again within the day’ in management or no matter. Let’s not. That is one loopy fucking yr, associates. And tradition has shifted all over the place. Let’s be KIND to one another, only a bit, as we troll and shitpost. I will make an effort myself. Somebody remind me if I slip, okay? I can or be misunderstood.

Am I making excuses for previous habits by TEST management? Hell no. I mentioned my peace in that thread and bought slammed for it, so no matter. That is Durr’s to deal with, and he did, btw.


Have I been banned right here? Yeah, one 3-day ban not too long ago for posting an excessive amount of in a single thread for five hrs, actually blew it up with responses. I used to be wired on espresso and stoned, as I recall, so fuck it. Was a 110F diploma day in Vegas and that is like 44c or some shit. I am inside within the air conditioner. I additionally like typing and writing.

One other time after I instructed ol /u/Rusrog to ‘kill himself’. I did not say ‘in sport’, which is usually acceptable round right here btw. Who PM’s me at the moment? lol Rus. We been chatting since my submit within the Goon thread the place I got here clear on my cope with him a number of years again. We’re good.


As to myself, personally, granted, I do shitpost right here. Typically individuals cannot inform if troll or not; sarcastic straight-face humor. Sorry, I am a George Carlin fan 🙂 Even TEST’s personal command has instructed me the identical factor. Dran actually can’t detect considered one of my good trolls. Instructed me this the opposite and to relax in command Discord as a result of typically we get to bantering with SUAD there, and the brand new individuals cannot inform if troll or critical. Baldur – appearing CEO of Dreddit – instructed me I’ve actually distorted and watered down the phrases ‘trolling and shitposting’ in CEO/director command Discord lol. Effectively, possibly typically I do troll too laborious and whack a number of over the pinnacle typically and hold going with an excellent troll too lengthy; that is me tbqh. I wrote for a residing for years and kind 90 wpm and pop off. I am actually too outdated for the bullshit a lot anymore, in my mid50s. I grew up on 4chan earlier than r/eve and half the gamers right here have been born born tbh. As CEO, SPVG cannot even inform after I’m trolling typically, and we have now a meme-type of enjoyable pvp tradition. Not joking. SUAD has an identical meme tradition, our sister corp, as a result of they’re simply superior beans and we wuv them tbh.

There is a take a look at me I’ve not proven many right here. Non-trolly Valk. However that is my opinion.

Backside line. Struggle or not, let’s ALL be human to one another, particularly in these loopy occasions. Let’s ALL proceed to weed out this poisonous crap. You, too, Mittens, when you truly can. I will actually strive, and if anybody right here sees me going laborious, PM me or submit it and let me know, and I will try to make clear or apologize, which I’ve accomplished right here. I even have Goon associates right here I chat with in posts, in our corp Discord and different locations. We do not chat ~opsec shit and do not ask.

Peace out area associates and enemies. Kill shit, pew pew, hf, gl, gf and gg.


tldr: Shoot shit, pew, shitpost, however let’s be fucking human beings to one another.

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